Celebrating One Year of Dream Home Makeover

It’s our Netflix anniversary!

15 October 2021 -

It’s been one year since our show “Dream Home Makeover” premiered on Netflix… 

and we’re grabbing the popcorn and to celebrate all weekend! It’s still hard to believe that there are two seasons of the show out in the world after years of planning, filming, and preparing.  

We feel so grateful that we got to work on these projects and help our clients transform their spaces into their dream homes, and we can’t wait to do more of it in Season 3! 

To celebrate, we’re taking a look back at all the highlights from Seasons 1 and 2. Here are a few of our favorite moments, pieces, and tips from each episode: 

Season No. 1:  

“Whether our clients have two million dollars, or twenty thousand, I want them all to feel that sense of peace when they walk in the door.”

Shea McGee

From the Gram


Episode No. 1: Forever Home  

Stuck on how to re-imagine an underutilized living area, our clients had left this space un-completed when they moved into and remodeled their home. After understanding their goals, we decided to break the room into three distinct areas, re-image the mood using paint, and incorporate cozy and functional pieces. 

A tip from this space – We are believers that every room needs a focal point. Whether it’s a fireplace, an accent wall, or even a large piece of art, focal points allow the eye to rest, drawing you into the space. 



Episode No.  2: Manor House Designs 

Our clients wanted to build a home that felt welcoming, comfortable, and lived-in for their family to grow and create memories together, and the final result was a perfect expression of that intention. 

A tip from this episode – We love using chairs rather than a sofa when we need to place seating where the main flow of traffic comes into the room. In this space, we chose chairs with these beautiful metal backs that you see when you walk into the space, and we love how it works to open up the design and pull everything together. 

Episode No. 3: Movie Room Remake

In Episode 3, we helped our client transform his favorite space in his home: the movie room, into a cozy, moody space perfect for spending time with friends and entertaining.   

A word about designing around screens: A dark wall color behind the TV helps blend the TV into your space, making it feel a part of the design. On the flip side, if you have a projector, going dark on the walls can help create that cozy movie room feeling. 

Celebrating One Year of Dream Home Makeover

Episode No. 4: Los Angeles Hideaway 

We were so excited when we learned our clients from Episode 4 were interested in taking their cabinets a dark green shade for this modern remodel.  We love how the custom green shade we created was muted enough that it still felt timeless and carried well throughout the rest of their space.

"I don't think there is a should or a shouldn't with a dark kitchen. As long as you have some natural light to bounce around the sunshine in the space, I say go with a dark kitchen."

Shea McGee

Episode No. 5Historic Home Renovation 

In Episode 5, we got to work on the oldest home we’ve ever worked on. Originally built in 1851, this home is over 150 years old! Our team loved the challenge of honoring the historical details while bringing something fresh to the table. 

What we’ve learned about historic remodels: Less is more! Accentuating the elements you want to keep and minimizing the rest takes careful attention to detail. Although it can be tempting to rip everything out, considering how your home’s original characteristics could look in a new light might keep you from making the mistake of getting rid of something irreplaceable. 



Episode 6: Grand Kitchen Deployment  

With closed off angles, dark tones, and limited counter space, the kitchen in our client’s home wasn’t working for them functionally or visually. Eager to complete their space before being apart during deployment, our clients dreamed of a light, bright, and open kitchen where they could cook, entertain, and be together. 

"Good design is about adding and subtracting and being smart where you're choosing to do so. Even if you add more things to a space, by creating real uses for each area, you can make it feel larger."

Shea McGee

Season No. 2:  

"A home is not just where we rest our heads at night. Any house can be transformed into the perfect place to call home."


Episode No. 1: Luxury Estate  

One of our largest new-build projects yet, The Home on The Ranch, is complete with a light-filled open-concept space, plenty of lounge spaces, and even a basketball court! We had so much fun designing this entertaining-centered home for our client and their large family to enjoy for years to come.

A tip on softening a grand design: When you have a lot of oversized, grand pieces in a space, adding a lot of textile layers goes a long way in making it feel cozy and inviting. 

Episode No. 2: Midcentury Makeover 

Looking to transform an old workshop into a live-able, functional space, our clients wanted to infuse their love for the midcentury modern style into an open-concept suite. With careful space planning, our team created a studio-like apartment complete with all the essentials. 

A design lesson from this episode: While it may seem counterintuitive, large pieces can actually make a small space feel bigger by allowing the eye to rest on visual focal points. Adding large statement pieces through wall decor is a simple way to bring a streamlined feeling to a small area, creating the illusion of a larger space. 



Episode No. 3: Bath Hideaway 

This master bath and closet remodel allowed our team to think about spatial planning in a new way. After re-considering the layout and taking a risk with the color palette, we created a place of retreat for our clients to enjoy in their everyday routines. 

Emphasizing natural light: Our clients had quite a bit of natural light in this space, but it became more apparent as we added in lighter hues. Although we went with a darker tile on the floors, the white walls, softer window treatments, and a light tone on the vanity allowed the whole space to feel brighter. 



Episode No. 4: Restoring History 

In this episode, our clients brought us in to help them update and brighten their kitchen space while maintaining their historic home’s character. We incorporated patterned accents, transitional pieces, and a few of our favorite decor elements to pull it all together. 

Letting original elements shine: One of the most important design lessons we’ve learned over the years is that remodeling is not always about re-doing every element in the space. Although our clients wanted to brighten their kitchen space, they had these great original wooden elements that we knew we wanted to incorporate in our design.



Episode No. 5: Mountainside Retreat Makeover 

Looking to update their mountain retreat to feel brighter and more modern, our clients from this episode wanted to combine their styles and create a vibrant, character-filled retreat. We created a vibrant, cozy space for them we couldn’t love more! 

A note on mixing styles: If you’re sharing a space with someone who has a different style than you, or you’re drawn to multiple design influences, don’t be afraid to mix styles! One way to do this is by incorporating one style through the foundational pieces and the other through the layered decor. 



Celebrating One Year of Dream Home Makeover

Episode No. 6: Bedroom Oasis

Looking to update their primary bedroom to feel like an oasis for their family, our clients were excited to bring more personality and light into their room. The result is filled with playful textiles, a soothing color palette, and a hint of a coastal flair.  

A tip from this episode: Wall treatments go a long way in adding character. Whether it’s paneling or interesting ceiling details, wall treatments can elevate your space and bring character like nothing else.

Date Posted
15 October 2021