Modern Bohemian Netflix Remodel

A Dream Home Makeover Project

21 January 2021 -

Secluded and surrounded by beautiful mountainous scenery,

today’s project tour is a recent remodel featured in our Netflix show “Dream Home Makeover.”

Looking to update their mountain retreat to feel brighter and more modern, our clients wanted to combine their styles and create a vibrant, character-filled retreat.

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Here are a few go-to design tips we implemented in this space:

Design Tip No. 1: Simplified finishes allow your surroundings to shine.

When designing this home, we knew we wanted to create more flow between the inside and the beautiful surroundings outside.

To highlight their incredible windows and view, we streamlined the materials inside by adding glass doors, painting the baseboards and trim, and re-finishing the fireplace with cement mortar to create a minimal but impactful focal point.

Simplifying these finishes allows the eye to rest, drawing the eye to the natural beauty outside and the gorgeous exposed beams on the ceiling.

Design Tip No. 2: Mixing styles is all about balance.

If you’re sharing a space with someone who has a different style than you, or you’re drawn to multiple design influences, don’t be afraid to mix styles!

Although mixing styles can seem intimidating, it’s all about finding the right balance. While one of our clients for this project was drawn to a more modern, clean look, the other had an affinity for a bohemian, eclectic style. Rather than choosing one, we were able to balance the two
by incorporating one style through the foundational pieces, and the other through the layered decor.

We went with clean, modern style for our foundational pieces and added in the eclectic bohemian look through the finishing touches.

Design Tip No. 3: Consider multiple functions for one space

As the idea of the home evolves, the reality of one area serving only one purpose is less and less realistic. In this space, we incorporated a dining nook as a transition piece between the living room and kitchen, giving our guess more function. Using a round table allowed traffic flow to feel natural, creating a flexible space for eating, working, or future entertaining.

Date Posted
21 January 2021