The Cliffside Netflix Remodel

All the details

18 November 2020 -

We’re so excited to share details from one of our latest projects today: The Cliffside Remodel!

If you’ve watched our Netflix show, “Dream Home Makeover,” you might recognize this home from Episode 4: “Los Angeles Hideaway.”

In the show, you see our process of designing this space with our clients, and today, we’re going to talk about a few of the tips and pieces we used in this California-cool remodel.

Watch our latest video below, and keep scrolling to explore and shop the looks!

The entryway

Takeaway Tip: If you don’t have a formal entryway, you can still designate a space to create a welcoming moment.

Every home is different, but we didn’t have a clear area to create an entryway in this space, so we used a few of our go-to entry components to create one!

We started with a vintage Moroccan rug, added a modern, textural element with a burl wood console, created a focal point with an eye-catching mirror, and complete the look with a statement-making table lamp, a few of our favorite decor elements, and two baskets for storage below.

The great room

Takeaway Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix furniture styles to get a curated, thoughtful look.

Since we went with the more formal furniture configuration of two sofas facing each other to get the most seating in this space, we wanted to balance the look and create a more relaxed vibe.

Mixing and matching furniture can feel intimidating, but we love pairing a traditional-transitional piece like this slip-cover sofa with a more modern, sleek, and low piece to add some contrast.

The kitchen

Takeaway Tip: Bold cabinet colors can still feel classic and refined.

We were so excited when we learned our clients were interested in taking their cabinets a dark green shade, and we love how the custom green shade we created was muted enough that it still felt timeless.

"I don't think there is a should or a shouldn't with a dark kitchen. As long as you have some natural light to bounce around the sunshine in the space, I say go with a dark kitchen."

- Shea McGee

The dining nook

Takeaway Tip: Creating moments in an open concept home adds function and dimension.

If we don’t have a place for a full rectangle dining table, we love creating a little nook with a round table to bring a flow into the space that allows for more utility.

When combining dining tables and chairs, we like to create contrast while still keeping a cohesive element throughout. In this combination, the black wooden chairs’ cane backs complement the natural light oak table while still bringing dimension.

The Owners Suite

Takeaway tip: If you’re leaning towards a modern look and feel, try adding textural elements through rugs and wovens to keep the space warm and inviting. 

We wanted this room to feel sleek and modern to complement our client’s style while still adding texture and warmth to the space. Complete with minimal accessories, a killer leather statement chair, and a streamlined dresser, we were able to keep it sleek but comfortable. 

The girls room

Takeaway tip: Keeping the main finishes cohesive with the rest of the home allows you to add more color and texture to kids’ spaces that still flow with your aesthetic.

Designing this space for our client’s little girls was so much fun, and we love how it feels youthful and vibrant but still has a few elements that can grow up with them. From the cozy reading corner to the pink-toned rug, each piece works together to make a playtime paradise.

The Cliffside Netflix Remodel

To see more of the behind the scenes process of this remodel, be sure to check out our show “Dream Home Makeover,” on Netflix! 

Date Posted
18 November 2020