Our Vision

We aim to Make Life Beautiful for ourselves and each other.

Through the years

How it all started

It all started when I remodeled and designed mine and Syd’s very first home. I decided to document it all, posting to Instagram as I went. Whether it was sharing paint colors or where I sourced furniture, I found that my small Instagram following started to grow, and soon it became a community that was just as passionate about interior design as I was.

With this momentum behind us, we officially launched Studio McGee in 2014 with a mission to “Make Life Beautiful.” I wanted aspirational interior design to be approachable, and hoped to become one of the leading innovators in the interior design industry. Before long, I was designing and renovating homes full time!

Expanding Our Voice

In addition to Instagram, we also began our Studio McGee blog and kicked off our YouTube channel. As we expanded the way we shared, I fell in love with designing and curating products. I knew the pains of sifting through thousands of pieces, trying to find the perfect one for a space, and felt confident I could offer a unique perspective to online retail as a designer.

I set out to create McGee & Co., an e-commerce brand with all the best pieces in one place to take all the drudgery out of sourcing products. Our blog and YouTube channel gave us more opportunities to share, and now I was able to offer tips and tricks with the support of products I knew our audience could trust.

New Beginnings

This year was filled with so many new beginnings. Among all the projects we worked on, a big one for us was starting our Red Ledges project with Killowen Construction. It was the first project we ever did with Killowen, and it certainly wasn’t the last! In fact, they even helped us construct the first ever McGee home. After renting for years, it was finally our turn to create our very own dream home. We broke ground in 2018, and it was so exciting to know that we'd soon have a home we could truly call our own.

Along with launching so many new homes and projects, we also got our feet wet in tv and media. We were lucky enough to design the Food Network fantasy kitchen, and also designed the primary bedroom in the Real Simple Idea house. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine how we did it all. We owe so much credit to our teams!

A Year of Media

During a busy, hectic year confined to our homes, we found that more people were searching for ways to make life beautiful. It was a year of opportunity (and stress!) as we wrote our NYT Best-Selling book Make Life Beautiful and began an incredible partnership with Target. This added a layer of accessibility to our brand that brought even more of you along for the ride, and our community became a huge source of joy during a chaotic year.

And, speaking of joy, we filmed and released our first-ever season of Dream Home Makeover on Netflix! This was the start of something truly special, and we soon found ourselves nominated for multiple Emmy’s over the next few years. Grateful is an understatement.

A New Netflix Season & New Office

Before we knew it, Season 3 of Dream Home Makeover was ready to launch! Our partnership with Netflix has started a new chapter in Studio McGee’s history, helping us reach new homes and find even more people who share our passion. It’s genuinely hard to believe how far we've come in only eight years.

Studio McGee has grown significantly since opening our doors in 2014, so in 2022 it was finally time for us to design a brand-new office that would fit our incredible teams. With a beautiful space that inspires us to innovate and create, we feel even more rejuvenated in our mission to Make Life Beautiful. We’re so glad you’re here!

What we do

Between our passion for interior design, fashion, and our online shop McGee & Co., this is a space where we share it all. We’re just happy you’ve joined us along the way!
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