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Our mission has always been about more than creating pretty spaces, and we wrote “Make Life Beautiful,” to share the lessons we’ve learned along the way. The journey hasn’t always been smooth, but as we’ve grown together as partners in business and in life, we’ve learned how to find the bright spots in our everyday.


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Praise for Make Life Beautiful

“Make Life Beautiful is a necessary reminder there is inherent beauty and warmth in all moments. Shea and Syd invite us into endearing conversations filled with wit, humor, creativity and an honesty shining light on the couples beautiful focal points.”

— Alyssa Rosenheck interiors and architectural photographer, stylist, and author of the New Southern Style

“In a world of picture perfect, Syd & Shea are a much needed breath of fresh air. It takes courage to admit that things aren’t always perfect. I applaud them for authentically sharing their story with the world.”

— Mikel Welch, interior designer, lifestyle expert, and TV show host

"Make Life Beautiful" is raw, honest and motivating. A captivating read as Shea & Syd navigate us through the early days of their relationship, family and growing business. A form of a modern day romance success story. I enjoyed reading about their compelling journey that shaped their design empire we know as Studio McGee. Truly inspiring in every way.”

— Monika Hibbs, Founder and Creative Director of Monika Hibbs and author of Gather at Home

"There’s nothing more beautiful than taking a leap and devoting your life and your heart and your work to helping other people enjoy beauty in their own homes. We’ve all come to know and love and yearn for the Studio McGee look but hearing the humble “how's” behind the empire is even more moving and motivating. This isn’t about just making your home beautiful—this is about making your LIFE beautiful. Shea and Syd are talented (obviously) but they’re also dreamers and supporters and risk-takers and pioneers and somehow, still completely down-to-earth. My heart is warm and I’m now taking notes on more than just mixing patterns.”

— Julia Marcum, Co-Founder of Chris Loves Julia, Good Influnce_r and Proper Tee

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