Layered Coastal Netflix Bedroom Remodel

A Dream Home Makeover Project

14 January 2021 -

Designing a great bedroom is all about creating a feeling of retreat to rest after a long day,

and in one of our latest remodel projects, featured in our Netflix show “Dream Home Makeover,” we were lucky to transform our client’s space to do just that!

Looking to update their primary bedroom to feel like an oasis for their family, our clients were excited to bring more personality and light into their room. The result is filled with playful textiles, a soothing color palette, and a hint of a coastal flair.



A special thanks to Anderson Tuftex, Benjamin MooreKillowen ConstructionLemco DesignMetrieTarget, and The Shade Store for helping us make this project possible.

Here are a few design tips our team used to bring this remodel to life: 

Design Tip No. 1: Incorporate Inspiration but don’t let it take over

One of the first things our clients mentioned was that they wanted their space to feel like one of their favorite destinations, Hawaii. We wanted to take cues from what they liked about their vacation in Hawaii, and bring their vision to life and create a retreat-like atmosphere We incorporated coastal elements that’s still anchored by their traditional style throughout their home.

We incorporated coastal feeling materials in our pieces with woven elements on the bed, textured wood on the dresser, and a shell-like textured light fixture.

Our client purchased a tea towel on vacation in Hawaii and knew they wanted to incorporate it but didn’t know what to do with it. We decided to frame it and hang it in their room, and we love the personality it adds to the space!

Design Tip No. 2: Wall treatments go a long way in adding character.

When remodeling, it’s tempting to think about walls in terms of paint only, but we love to consider incorporating treatments for an added dimension where we can. Whether it’s paneling or interesting ceiling details, wall treatments can elevate your space and bring character like nothing else.

In this space, we paneled the walls and removed the original tray ceiling’s trim edges to add wooden beams and carry the drywall in between for a cleaner, more modern look.

Wall treatment placement tip: Trying to align the paneling with the furniture while still making the paneling even throughout each wall can be difficult. Sometimes things will look different on paper than in reality, so we have to be resourceful and develop solutions on the spot.

In the end, we were able to align the bed within a paneling section, which was the most important wall. However, we decided to center the mirror and dresser within the overall wall space to accommodate the door swing and keep the dresser centered within the room.

Read more tips on designing wall treatments here!

Design Tip No. 3: Creating unexpected seating areas brings warmth and function.

We love adding extra seating in a bedroom where we can, whether it’s through a bench, a chair in the corner, or even a sofa. While you may not think you could fit a sofa in your bedroom, you might be surprised!

Our clients had a single lounge chair by their window, and we were able to switch it out for a small two-seater settee under their window to bring them more seating options. Adding the sofa created a whole new purpose for that corner of their room, creating a space where their family can relax and have time together.

Date Posted
14 January 2021