Why We Love Rugs in The Kitchen

A case for kitchen rugs

16 September 2021 -

It might seem counter-intuitive to put a rug in the kitchen… 

but it doesn’t stop us from using them in almost all our projects.  

Chances are, you’ve seen rugs in kitchens all over Instagram, and it’s one of our favorite styling tricks. 

We’ve been doing it for years, and although we’ve gotten a few raised eyebrows, we think the pros of having a rug in your kitchen outweigh the cons.  

Here are a few reasons we love styling rugs in the kitchen:  

No. 1: They don’t have to be high maintenance  

Kitchen rugs don’t have to be high maintenance if you choose your fabrics intentionally. Much like an entryway mudroom, kitchens are high-traffic areas, so it’s important to choose a rug with durable materials. We typically lean towards vintage or indoor/outdoor rugs for the easiest clean-up, and there are so many great options.  

Vintage rugs are great because they have that built-in worn look that (a lot of) stains and spills tend to blend right into. Since indoor/outdoor rugs are made to withstand the natural elements, they are also a natural choice for kitchens. 

From The McGee Home

From our PC Contemporary Project

From our Mountainside Retreat Project

No. 2 They are a great way to add tone (or texture)  

We love a minimal color palette, especially when it comes to the hard finishes you want to love for a lifetime. However, if you want to add a little color to your kitchen without going bold on the cabinets or backsplash, a runner is a perfect low-risk way to switch it up. If you still want to keep it neutral, a kitchen rug can go a long way in bringing in texture.  

From our Beckham Project

From our SM Ranch House

No. 3: They bring in warmth  

Due to the nature of appliances and angular cabinetry lines, kitchens can quickly feel bare and cold. We vote that the kitchen should feel cozy, too, and adding a rug is the best way to warm it up (both literally and figuratively).  

From our McGee & Co 2021 Fall Collection

From our Rye NY Project

From our Home on The Ranch

Date Posted
16 September 2021