Inside The Houston Estate Kitchen and Pantry

Exploring all of the design details in the heart of the home.

12 March –

In every home there ends up being one room that’s the star of the show. In The Houston Estate, that room is the kitchen. Explore the space deeper here.

In The Houston Estate’s kitchen and pantry, it’s the small details that make the biggest impact, from a bullnose edge profile to reeded glass. Shea and the design team, in collaboration with Erin Stetzer, Principal and Founder of Erin Stetzer Homes, worked to bridge the client’s diverse style, one more traditional and the other more contemporary. The result is a stunning space that’s both functional and beautiful. Watch the webisode as Shea guides us through the design (and meet Erin!) and take a photo tour below.

“A mix of materials, from wood to marble to brass, blend seemlessly and create a look that’s perfectly unique to this beautiful home.”

Shea McGee

A bullnose profile, as you see on the island’s countertop here, is a term used to describe the half-rounded, finished edge that’s buffed to shape.


A book-matched seam, as you see on the backsplash below, is a mirrored pattern, also referred to as a butterfly seam due to its resemblance to intricate wings.


“This pantry has got to be one of the dreamiest in the Studio McGee archives. I love the moody juxtaposition with the rest of the space.”

Shea McGee

Date Posted
12 March