How to Style an Elevated Nightstand

How we approach styling nightstands

09 January 2022 -

The nightstand is a crucial part of the bedroom’s ambiance… 

especially since it’s often one of the first places the eye goes when you walk into the room. With the blank canvas of a nightstand surface, it can be tricky to style it with both form and function in mind in a way that works for you!  

There are countless ways to style a nightstand, but there are a few essentials to the recipe to create a balanced and elevated look. In this post, we’re sharing our approach to styling any nightstand, big or small. 

No. 1: Start with lighting 

First, start with lighting to illuminate the space and ground the look with a substantial piece. A table lamp can be great for adding visual weight, but we love incorporating sconces to free up space and draw the eye up.  

When we opt for a sconce rather than a table lamp, we like to add something substantial to ground the look like a large vase or piece of artwork. In looking for lighting pieces, consider which textures or tones you could bring in to create more interest. In a bedroom especially where space can be limited, using every opportunity to blend form and function can make all the difference.  

From our SM Ranch House featuring our Brooks Table Lamp 

No. 2: Add a pretty storage solution 

Whether or not your nightstand has storage in the form of drawers or shelving, having a few extra pieces to place the specifics is always a good idea. We love using trays, boxes, or even small bowls to allow for a drop-spot for jewelry, glasses, or other daily essentials.  

From our Mountainside Retreat Project featuring our Natural Cane Box

No. 3: Bring in functional pieces 

Now it’s time to bring in the things that enhance your everyday routines. Even if you use an alarm clock on your phone, having a pretty timepiece on your nightstand can add a timeless and sophisticated feeling to your bedroom. We love placing pretty candles on the nightstand, too, to complete the experience. 

From our McGee & Co. 2021 Holiday Collection styling our Balsam & Fir Candle

No. 4: Bring it to life with a pretty vase & greenery 

Next, style a vase on your nightstand that can stand alone as a textural element but also lend a home to fresh or faux florals and greenery. Incorporating greenery on the nightstand can be a great way to shift your bedroom space with the seasons without changing out any of your pieces. 

From our McGee & Co. 2021 Winter Catalogue featuring our Brookings Sand Stoneware Vase

No. 5: Add personal touches 

Once you have all the basics + essentials, it’s time to layer in personal touches like picture frames with family photos, sentimental decor pieces found while traveling, or even your favorite nighttime reads! 

From our McGee & Co. 2019 Winter Catalogue featuring our Woven Rattan Frame

Date Posted
09 January 2022