The McGee Home: Wren’s Room Photo Tour

Mixed patterns, a blend of tones, and a whole lot of charm!

02 July 2020 -

Our oldest daughter, Wren, has quite the design opinion for a seven-year-old,

and today, we’re sharing how we fulfilled her requests of a white and gold-hued space while creating a timeless room that is as fun as she is!

Complete with mixed patterns, a blend of cool and warm tones, and a whole lot of charm, Wren’s room is one of our favorite spaces in The McGee Home! Keep scrolling to shop the look and read all about our process in designing it!

We’re so grateful for our sponsors at Stanton Carpet, Killowen ConstructionKohler Co., Clé, The Shade Store, and Metrie for helping us make all of Wren’s room dreams come true!

The Bedroom Finishes

To begin, we grounded the space in the same carpet we used in Ivy’s room from Stanton, we chose the style “Sumana,” in the color “Sand,” and it’s perfect for a kids room because it’s low-pile but so soft!

When we started the process of designing our home, I knew this room would have a lower ceiling, so we wanted to make a statement wall that would grow up well with her but still feel playful. We started with doing panelling across the entire bottom half of the walls and painted them in Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore.

To balance the cool tone of the panelling, we added some of our favorite floral wallpaper from McGee & Co. in a warm, beige color that added the perfect amount of charm and femininity.

The McGee Home: Wren’s Room Photo Tour

The Window Seat

Because the window was off-center in this room, we needed to create some balance. We started with built-in bookshelves above her desk and then carried that same color pallet into the window seat. Complete with a custom cushion from Etsy, a classic wicker sconce, and a few of our favorite patterned pillows, it was the design element we needed to set the scene for the rest of the space.

Product note: Wren’s desk chair is vintage!

The McGee Home: Wren’s Room Photo Tour

The furnishings

From the beginning, Wren was set on a white and gold color palette. Starting with our white, Northcott bed from McGee & Co., and gold sconces on either side, we incorporated those elements throughout the space. Mixing in light pinks, blues, and contrasting patterns and textures made the room feel more playful and tied everything together.

When designing a home, we always like to incorporate similar elements throughout so that everything flows, and this white-reeded dresser not only ties in with the panelling in our master bedroom vestibule but was perfect for this room!

Styled with an oversized textured lamp, a basket for books and some greenery to bring it to life, the look was complete!

The McGee Home: Wren’s Room Photo Tour

The bathroom

The vanity in this room was a labor of love in designing it and crafting it. We worked with our contractor’s company at Killowen Cabinet Co. to make our sketches of the curved detailing, flush, inset drawers, and countertops come to life, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

You know when you find a vintage treasure and hold onto until you find the perfect use for them? This vintage floral painting was one of those finds, and when we started designing Wren’s bathroom space, we knew it was finally time to let it shine.

The floral, vintage painting was the perfect piece to contrast her request of a white, gold, and pink bathroom, and when your seven year old tells you she wants pink in her bathroom, you listen.

We found these terracotta tiles from Clé that had the perfect amount of rose color that is pink enough to satisfy her for now, but not too pink that she’ll want to change it in a few years. We used it in a border around the walls and in the shower, and added a gold faucet and showerhead from Kohler pill sconces from McGee & Co., and silver, Venetian style mirror that offset the modern elements perfectly.

We’ve almost gone through all of the McGee Home, but we have more coming soon! To check out the rooms in the home we’ve shared so far, click on the links below to tour them!

Date Posted
02 July 2020