Tips to Create A Summer Bedroom

With all the playing we’re doing this summer, having a relaxing space to recharge is a must!

14 July 2022 -

With all the playing we’re doing this summer, having a relaxing space to take a break is a must! 

There’s no reason the bedroom shouldn’t stay cozy even in the summertime, and that’s exactly what we want when settling in for the night after a long day of sunshine.  

When designing this space, we looked to keep things layered but breathable, with light fabrics and summery patterns to create a collected feel. Whether you’re just looking to update your textiles or reconsidering your bedroom as a whole, we have a few go-to tips for creating a cozy but breathable bedroom — even when the weather’s hot! 

No. 1: Layer in breathable fabrics 

Rather than layering in heavy fabrics like wool, incorporate light, breathable fabrics into the space. Materials like cotton, linen, and linen blends are airy and soft, making them a welcome, lightweight addition even in toasty summer months.  

Use a coverlet or two on the bed to create dimension without layering on too much heat. Whether folded along the bottom of the bed or layered into the bedding, they add a touch of visual warmth while keeping the tone of the room casual and cool.  

No. 2: Play with summer patterns 

Textile patterns can really help set the tone for a room! During the summertime, we look for patterns on pillows and throws that are neutral or floral and romantic. Think block-printed botanicals paired with more straightforward patterns, like stripes.  

When creating your pillow vignette, it’s also helpful to look at color palette. Finding colors that complement one another and capture the refreshing, playful feel of summer designs is a great place to start! In this bedroom, we chose to feature neutrals with subtle touches of color.  

No. 3: Incorporate organic textures 

Texture has a way of adding a relaxed, charming feel to a room. Add natural materials like seagrass and wood through decor and furniture and use a variety of fabrics to bring interest to the main focal points of the bedroom. 

We especially love the subtle texture that the Latham Gray Cotton Coverlet adds. Its natural crinkled ribbing brings attention to its soft material, providing a bit of variety in the textures of each bedding layer. We also chose to pair velvet chairs with a boucle ottoman, giving visual interest to the seating area while keeping the setup relatively paired back. Textural vases are also thoughtfully placed throughout the room, adding an extra touch of variety to decor. 

No. 4: Add some fresh greenery  

Speaking of vases, is there anything better than a bit of fresh greenery? Whether it’s a small bunch of flowers or whimsical leaves, adding greenery brings life to the space.  

With all the beautiful textiles throughout this bedroom, greenery adds a bit of balance with a refreshed, natural feel to call attention to the season. Layer it into dresser vignettes with mirrors and artwork, or place it on an ottoman for added height.  

No. 5: Give the room an intimate seating space  

We can’t be the only ones who slip away to the bedroom for a moment of quiet during busy summer days! Incorporating a seating space into the bedroom helps create a retreat for quiet moments of reading or simply being still when you need to step out of the heat.  

A vintage side table and boucle ottoman give space for a beverage or book, and help to create a collected look paired with the velvet Gemma Chairs. We love to add a light throw over the arm of the chairs, making the space feel especially grounded and inviting.  

Date Posted
14 July 2022