Hilltop Estate Project Webisode 03 is Here!

We're roughly halfway through our five-week series exploring every nook and cranny of our latest design project, the Hilltop Estate.

17 October 2022 -

In the third installment of our Hilltop Estate webisodes,

Shea walks us through the kid’s wing of this stunning SoCal home. Here, Shea explains that the timeline of this project—four years from beginning to end—provided to be a unique obstacle solved by clever design. As you can imagine, creating a space appropriate for a four-year-old is a different task than one for an eight-year-old. In the end, “we designed a space that grows up well, and it speaks to picking foundational pieces that can be changed through textiles and color palette,” explains Shea. Follow along as the design details of the kids’ rooms, the homework room, the hallway, and the laundry room are broken down here.

Date Posted
17 October 2022