An Antique Tour of the McGee Home Refresh

All the perfectly patinaed pieces Shea chose to style in her own home.

16 April –

When Shea is designing a new home, she always tries to incorporate vintage or antique pieces to give the space more visual interest. In the McGee Home Refresh, the goal was to add character to the new-build home. See what antique pieces Shea chose to syle in her own home.

If you have followed Shea’s design journey over the years, you’re likely familiar with the terms vintage and antique. The two words may be used interchangeably, but there is a difference. An antique is considered to be anything over 100 years old, and a vintage piece is typically less than 100 years old, but both equally loved and beautiful. Follow along as we deep dive into the collected items, both antique and vintage, Shea has styled to add character in her family’s Utah home.

“While scrolling Instagram, I fell in love with this beautiful antique chest and messaged the seller immediately. It has been the perfect piece for our entryway, because it is both beautiful and functional.”

Shea McGee

“When designing my living room, I felt like the space needed a coffee table. I found an antique wooden one with worn edges and all, and it was the perfect fit to balance the soft linen and velvet.”

Shea McGee

“I have always admired tapestries, and I found this one online that is from the 1700s. The colors are rich and even includes my favorite color green. The botanical motif compliments the wallpaper in the dining room and creates good synergy in the spaces.”

Shea McGee

“I always have my eye out for vintage and antique pieces, and when I saw this antique cabinet I thought it might fit perfectly in the nook besides my fireplace. I love how it brings in so much character to the space.”

Shea McGee

Date Posted
16 April