4 Lighting Ideas From Dream Home Makeover

Lighting inspiration from our Netflix show.

10 February 2021 -

Lighting plays a large role in how a design comes together.

If you’ve watched our Netflix show “Dream Home Makeover,” you might have noticed that lighting is one of the most important selections we consider when working with a client.

Whether it’s a statement-making pendant in the kitchen or a subtle sconce in an unexpected corner, the right lighting can pull everything together to create a balanced and dimensional look.

Here are a few lighting ideas you may have missed from “Dream Home Makeover”:

No. 1: Play with scale to make a lighting statement.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with scale to make your lighting the focal point of the space. Sometimes throwing out the “rules” when it comes to sizing lends the best results.

In “Dream Home Makeover,” we choose a few oversized lighting pieces for everything from kitchen pendants to console table lamps to add interest and elevate the overall look and feel.

From the Sunset House Kitchen. 

"We did these massive gold dome pendants over the island in our Sunset House kitchen, and you see them as soon as you walk in. I love how they amp up the white kitchen look."

Shea McGee

From our Cliffside Netflix Remodel. 

From our Historic Netflix Kitchen Remodel. 

No. 2: Try subtle lighting to accentuate other elements.

Although we’re all for creating visual drama with lighting, sometimes the best lighting looks are the ones that let other elements shine. If there’s something you love about the space you’re designing, whether it’s your windows, wall color, or island stain, using a subtle lighting piece that blends into your design can allow the eye to rest on a different visual element.

We implemented this idea in a few of our projects from “Dream Home Makeover,” and we love how it creates balance from room to room.

From our Midcentury Loft Netflix Remodel. 

From the Lozano Kitchen Netflix Remodel. 

From our Moody & Bright Netflix Remodel. 

No. 3: Add character with unexpected lighting moments.

Layered lighting can go a long way in bringing a thoughtful touch to your home. In “Dream Home Makeover,” we used sconces to illuminate different areas that may have been looked over otherwise.

If you have an empty wall that could use some extra love or you want to highlight a detail like art, a built-in, or an architectural feature, adding a sconce can be a great way to do so.

From the Sunset House basement.

From the Home on The Ranch Library. 

"I love that we incorporated task lights on the built-in to illuminate the items below and bring character to the space."


From the Sunset house entryway. 

No. 4: Use lighting to add warmth in cool spaces.

When designing light and bright spaces or spaces with cooler tones, lighting can be a great way to bring some warmth and draw attention to details from flooring to built-ins to create a more balanced dimensional look. In “Dream Home Makeover,” we used warm materials like brass and wood to create contrast and bring an inviting feeling.

From our Open & Airy Netflix Kitchen Remodel.

From the Cliffside Netflix Remodel. 

From the Sunset House Kitchen. 

Date Posted
10 February 2021