Inside the McGee Home Refresh Primary Bedroom

Take a furniture tour of Syd and Shea's refreshed bedroom.

20 February –

In the process of refreshing her family’s home, Shea set out to add more interest and character. Follow along as Shea shares how she styled her primary bedroom to feel more traditional and layered.

In Syd and Shea’s primary retreat, the design process was about adding more to the space to make it feel dressier and more traditional, similar to the rest of the home. Shea didn’t change any of the finishes in the bedroom but wanted to try a few new things with furniture. The design inspiration for the room was rooted in the color palette of a vintage rug Shea sourced which consisted of deep blues, olive greens, and a hint of peachy rust. The palette dictated the fabric and Shea went for the Walt Bed from McGee & Co. in praline velvet as the tone tied in perfectly with the rug. For bedding, Shea kept it light and neutral with cream linens to accentuate the contrast between the bed frame.

Shea swapped out the bench at the end of the bed for a more traditional settee with stripes and fringe. The Philippa Settee was the perfect addition to dress the space up while providing a comfortable place to sit. Next to the bed Shea styled the Dana Nightstand with the Mays Table Lamp. Above the bed, Shea fell in love with Abstract Votives, while at a McGee & Co. photoshoot, and it tied to the rug’s deep blue color. Shea also added two contemporary sconces to add juxtaposition to the traditional space.

On the opposite wall, Shea used an oversized piece of artwork to fill the blank space. The Tali Burl Wood Dresser complemented the tone and movement of the artwork. On the dresser, Shea styled a lamp that she already had with a stack of books, frame, and vase.

The corner of the primary bedroom had just enough space for a charming vignette. Shea found an antique cabinet that adds character to the area along with functional storage. Watch the webisode below for the full tour and see how Shea’s vision came to life.

“As a designer of both homes and furniture, I love to try new things.”

Shea McGee

“The vintage rug and Walt Bed were the star pieces that centered the room, and I built the rest of the space from there.”

Shea McGee

“If you already have nightstands, a dresser, and a floor mirror in a bedroom, consider adding a tall cabinet to bring in new height and shape to the space.”

Shea McGee

Date Posted
20 February