The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour
06/25 Kids' Rooms

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour

All of the details in Ivy’s room!

Today, we’re back with another McGee Home photo tour!

Now that we’ve shared the main floor of The McGee Home, we’re moving upstairs, first stop: Ivy’s room!

Yesterday, we shared a webisode highlighting the process, and today, we’re breaking down the look and giving you all the details. We’re so grateful for our sponsors at Killowen ConstructionKohler Co., MetrieClé TileThe Shade Store, and Stanton Carpet for making this space possible, and we couldn’t be more excited to show you around!

The Bedroom Finishes

When choosing the finishes for this room, we wanted to incorporate elements used throughout the home to make everything flow.

We painted the walls in Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore at 75% strength, and built into our attic space to do vaulted ceilings and exposed wood beams that tie in with the other white and wood elements on the main floor.

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour

The ceilings draw your eye up to our floral, Alberto Chandelier from McGee & Co. in plaster white, setting the scene for the room. Click here to shop carpet.

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour
We worked with Stanton Carpet on all of the carpets throughout our home, and although we used wood in the rooms on the main floor, we decided to do wall-to-wall carpet in the girls’ rooms.

In this space, we chose the style “Sumana,” in the color “Sand,” and we couldn’t be happier with it! When designing any project, our team prefers soft but low-pile carpet in a neutral color so we can set a flexible foundation to layer rugs on top of it.

The furnishings

To play off of the vaulted ceilings and continue to draw the eye up, we selected our Willa 4-Poster Bed in Washed Oak from McGee & Co. and added custom cushions to the back of it so she could rest her head comfortably.

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour

On the bedding, we mixed patterns on the shams, sheets, accent pillows, and even the quilt to bring a playful feeling to the room, but kept the tones muted to grow up with her.

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour
Edison Gingham Pillow Cover
Alberto Chandelier
Danny Floral Print Pillow Cover

Across the bed, we chose our streamlined, linen Alto Dresser with wooden pulls, and used a big vintage-inspired mirror above it to match the scale of the bed. On the top, we finished it off with a textured, white lamp and styled it with a unicorn piggy bank, dog artwork, a pretty vase for flowers and some small boxes for storage.

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour
The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour
Linden Table Lamp
Terri Round Table Lamp

We typically don’t choose two different nightstands, but we found this vintage dresser, and it was too perfect for the room not to use it. Once it was there, we had to figure out how to balance it out on the other side, but eventually, we found a round table at the same height that brought some shape variation while still keeping the matching lamps at the same level.

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour
The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour
The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour

We love the look of a tiny lamp, and this one adds such a fun, funky element to the room. Styled with a vintage art piece, and stacked books, it was the perfect finishing touch.

In the corner of the room, we chose our new leather-strapped, Knox Chair from McGee & Co., and draped a sheepskin on top for extra texture. Read our guide on pairing nightstands beds and dressers here!

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour

To ground the space and add even more pattern and color, we chose the Marseille Wool Rug from McGee & Co., and we love how the rich tones ties the room together and adds a little character.

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour
The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour

During our product development process at McGee & Co., we have samples when we have to make decisions on what to cut and what to keep, and we loved this pin-board so much we took home the sample before we launched it. It has a nude leather strap and a linen face perfect for pinning little notes, pendants, and pictures.

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour

The Bathroom

When designing the girls bedrooms and bathrooms, we wanted to treat each like they were the opposite of each other. In Wren’s room (photo tour coming soon,) we wallpapered the walls and painted the bathroom, and in this room, we painted the walls and wallpapered the bathroom.

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour

We fell in love with this William Morris wallpaper years ago, and no project ever called for it, but when we started building our home, we knew this was the opportunity to use it, and we couldn’t love it more! It sets the tone perfectly and creates a moody, jewel-box feeling as soon as you walk in the room.

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour

We pulled out one of the tones and matched it to the color on the vanity by painting it in the color Intrigue by Benjamin Moore , and used Clé terracotta tiles on the walls, and marble, hexagon tiles on the floors.

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour

For the metals in this space, we mixed polished nickel on our Kohler Cofaucet and showerhead, and mirror with brass sconces and hardware for contrast.

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour
Vendome Single Sconce
The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour
The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour

Say tuned for our next McGee Home tour next week, coming up: Wren, our other little girls’, room tour!

The McGee Home: Ivy’s Room Photo Tour
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Studio McGee
  1. What kind of tile did you use to trim the shower against the wallpaper? Are they called "schluter" pieces?

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous, inspirational photos and wonderful details, as always!

    1. Schluter pieces are made of metal. This appears to be a marble edge trim piece of some sort. Almost like a very narrow chair rail piece. You could also use a bullnose-type marble trim piece. It’s definitely marble though, not the same as the terra-cotta cle tile used on the shower walls. Hope this helps some.

      1. Thanks, Allie – it definitely helps! I thought I’d read on the cletile site that the zellige tiles do not have trim pieces. It is really well-matched, whatever it is. I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

  2. I love everything! So talented. Could you Please tell me where the bathroom vanity is from? or is it custom? The Wallpaper stunning!

  3. I’ve seen those little round brass mirrors above the bed a few times now but can never see it linked. Please could you tell me where I could find one?

  4. Stunning as always! I’m working on my daughters room and was wondering if you could share where you sourced the quilt? Thank you!

  5. I am wondering about the durability of wallpaper in the bathroom? Is there a way to install it that it won’t bubble etc when it gets wet and steamy?

    1. The vanity paint is listed right where she is talking about the wallpaper. I think it says something like, “We pulled one of the colors out of the wallpaper to paint the vanity…………… It then says the paint color and brand.

  6. Hi! Beautiful bedroom and bathroom! Would you mind providing the color of the vanity? Also interested in the durability of wallpaper with the steam in a bathroom, love the look! Thank you 🙂

  7. This bedroom is beyond beautiful! I have the exact huge mirror that you were able to hang and I have struggled to hang it. Do you know what hardware was used to hang the mirror?

  8. Hi Shae! Love how this room came together, do you mind sharing the source on Etsy where you customized the back cushion for her headboard? I love this idea and adds a softness plus its useful!

    Thank you!

  9. Swooning over this room! Truly a lovely room and so peaceful. Can you share the manufacturer of the sweet doll? Thanks!

  10. Do all your pillows have a tag on the outside? If yes, is it possible to remove it without damaging the pillow cover? Thanks.

  11. The room is gorgeous. I love the chandelier! And the vaulted ceiling with the exposed beams is magnificent! The wallpaper in the bathroom is a little too "busy" for my taste but that’s just me. Everything else is great.

  12. Hello Studio McGee! I actually purchased the cle tile carrera you show in Ivy’s bathroom. Now I’m stumped on the grout. Can you share what grout you used here? Thank you!

  13. This is gorgeous. I love your work and I know you produce and sell furniture. It’s just that, given everything going on in the world, it feels a little "Let them eat cake" to have a $5k bed and a $1500 chair in a child’s bedroom. I’m sure other readers will yell at me but while I admire your taste, this made me feel very uncomfortable. I don’t think you had anything but the best intentions.

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