Design Tips From our PC Contemporary Project

A few of our favorite takeaways from our latest project!

07 June 2021 -

With every project comes new lessons learned…

& after years of working on our PC Contemporary Project, we are excited to share a few of our favorite takeaways & design tips from the process of bringing this home to life!

No. 1: Focus on creating a cohesive feeling in an open-concept space

We love the challenge of designing open-concept spaces, and doing it well is all about making sure that all of the finishes and pieces work together and not against each other.

Each element introduces something new to the space, from the paint colors to the textile patterns, and it can be tricky to find the right balance.

Here are a few examples of how we achieved a calming look in this project:

In the Dining & Kitchen Space, we had a lot of seating going on in one area, and it was important to make sure each stool and chair was different enough that it looked intentional but similar enough to flow together.

We started with one of our favorite chairs – The Greely Chair, with a soft woven leather detail, added in a woven upholstered chair in a similar wood tone for the dining nook, and then brought in some contrast with a modern, brass-detailed counter stool.

One of the simplest ways to create a cohesive look in an open-concept space is by working with a minimal color palette. When we started working on this project, one of our client’s first requests was that we use muted tones, which allowed us to layer in a lot of textural elements to bring in dimension.

No. 2: Think out of the box with styling 

There is not always a clear solution when it comes to styling, but that’s where the fun comes in! In this project, we got to play around with a few of our favorite tricks for merging form and function. Here are a few you can apply in your own space: 

Instead of doing a console behind this sofa, we draped a throw across the back. This is a great tip if your space is just a tad bit tight between two areas and you need a divider. Plus, it’s a great way to add texture and pattern!

To add more interest to a nightstand vignette, try hanging your artwork above the piece rather than leaning it! Not only does it bring a unique element to the look, but it also allows for more storage on your nightstand surface for a lamp, flowers, and other accessories. Click here to see more of the Primary Suite!

We were so excited to experiment with asymmetrical built-ins in this project, forcing us to think about styling differently. Playing with the balance of white space, we gave the larger pieces room to breathe and used groupings to stack the smaller decor for contrast.

No. 3: The smallest details can make the biggest difference

When working with a minimal color and material palette, paying attention to the little details makes all the difference. Here are a few ways we elevated the spaces in this home:

In the powder bathroom are elevated with a carved curve detail across the front of the floating vanity and a detailed sconce above the mirror.

In the powder bathroom are elevated with a carved curve detail across the front of the floating vanity and a detailed sconce above the mirror.

In the bunk room, we incorporated built-in drawers on the steps of the bunks in the bunkroom.

When designing kitchen spaces, one of our favorite ways to add interest is by incorporating different types of knobs. To do this in your own space, find a cohesive element to carry through, (like the brass material here,) and experiment with different shapes or accents.

Date Posted
07 June 2021