The Sunday 7: In the City of Angels

Back from a quick trip to California and all the other week’s happenings.

01 October 2023 -

No. 1. LA with Kohler

Anyone else feel like September absolutely flew by?! With all the exciting things happening last month (see here, here and here), I enjoyed a quiet weekend with my crew before hopping on a flight to LA. While there I cohosted two events with Kohler – one at Lombardi House and another at the Kohler Experience Center to celebrate our collaboration!

No. 2. Cabo Recaps

ICYMI – we have been sharing details and webisodes of our Dos Vistas Project in Cabo. Check them out here, here and here.

No. 3. Design Kickoff Meeting

It’s officially fall, but you know we are always brainstorming seasons ahead. We had a design kickoff for spring and summer of 2025 and I feel so inspired by what’s to come – lots of collected pieces and beautiful colorways that complement the season.

No. 4. Holiday Preview

It’s fall, we’re talking spring, but the holidays truly are right around the corner, and we are ready over at McGee & Co.!

No. 5. Mom Life in Varley

Another week of running the girls around to everything from dance to cheer to tennis. I am constantly reaching for effortlessly stylish but comfortable pieces to get me through the carpool/errand life. How gorgeous is this quilted coat? The perfect layer as the weather here in Utah starts to shift – these mornings are starting to feel crisp.

No. 6. One More Sleep

Our collaboration with Kohler is officially live tomorrow – such a big day and I’m not sure I am going to get any shut eye tonight.

No. 7. & One More Week

Keep an eye out for the release of our newest Threshold x SM collection at Target coming next Sunday!

XO – S

Date Posted
01 October 2023