The Sunday 7: Easing into Spring
04/26 Lifestyle

The Sunday 7: Easing into Spring

Felt the seasons finally changing after spending the weekend lounging with extended family for the first time in many months.

1. We spent the weekend lounging in our backyard and hanging with family.

After months of being cooped up, I’m ready to pop a Claritin and enjoy the spring air. I whipped out our new McGee & Co. tablecloth and it instantly elevated everything I set on it.

The Sunday 7: Easing into Spring

Greenery & Cream Tablecloth
Linen Dress
Peony Wrap Sandal
Vintage Dough Bowl

2. Shared this dress in stories today!

It has a stretchy waist and pockets and I really can’t ask for anything more.

3. We launched our latest McGee & Co. outdoor collection this week and holy smokes it is pretty.

We concept, draw, prototype, edit, prototype again, haul said prototypes to photoshoots, style, photograph, and share. Seeing the vision come to life over the course of a year+ is incredibly gratifying and I’m so proud of our team! I will be copy and pasting this setup on our back porch soon!

The Sunday 7: Easing into Spring

4. Heading out on our babymoon to West Palm Beach soon, and this will be our first time to that part of Florida!

Would love to hear any and all recommendations!

5. I’ve had the black MZ Wallace Metro tote for 7 years now and it has served me well as a beach/travel/carryall tote.

I recently pulled the trigger on the new version that comes in this cream color with a strap – I plan to take it with me to the hospital when baby girl arrives in a few short months.

The Sunday 7: Easing into Spring

The Sunday 7: Easing into Spring

6. Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

Don’t forget to check out our gift guide!

7. Our garden must-haves also make excellent gifts!

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