The Sunday 7

Spring Abroad

07 April –

Highlights from our springtime trip across the pond and more as we kick off the month of April.

No. 01
Mid Trip Updates

We ventured over to London and Paris for spring break this year and are loving every moment of this trip! Syd and I have been dreaming of making this trip a reality for years and the girls even put the Eiffel Tower on their vision boards! We are definitely a traveling circus with a toddler in tow, but this experience has been next to perfect in my eyes. It’s been a trip filled with memories and inspiration. A full recap coming soon!

No. 02
Around the Table with Kelsey Nixon

Our most recent episode of our new YouTube series, Around the Table, was a special one with our first guest chef, who also happens to be a dear friend. Kelsey and I have known each other for nearly two decades and I have loved cheering on her work from the sidelines. She is endlessly talented and driven and truly one of the kindest humans on the planet. Be sure to catch up on the webisode here. The recipe was a hit in our home, and I hope yours too.

No. 03
Women in Leadership & Design

The Studio McGee and McGee & Co. teams celebrated Women’s History Month with a panel of our most tenured employees. I riddled them with questions about everything from their unconventional career paths to their roles as leaders in the company and it was so great to hear their personal stories and share them with the company as a whole.

We also interviewed the builder of The Houston Estate, Erin Stetzer, who leads an all-female team and I just think that’s the coolest. Read the full interview here.

No. 04
Talented Friends!

Speaking of talented friends…my work has afforded me the opportunity to connect with so many talented people across the US. I have loved receiving these cookbooks from some of those friends in the mail.

No. 05
The SM Archives

We did a throwback of a few of our favorite bedrooms in Studio McGee’s design history and it was a fun walk down memory lane. Check them out here.

No. 06
April Monthly Musings

Spring is showing its face here in the Mountain West and I’m feeling inspired by the many shades of brown and cream this month, and particularly how they reflect the tones of nature as it shifts from season to season. These shades are both calming and grounding, and perfect for ushering in new growth. Check out April’s Monthly Musings here.

No. 07
A Peek Into Summer

Keep an eye out for the next McGee & Co. collection launching later this week… I am so ready for long summer nights!

Date Posted
07 April