Monthly Musings | April

01 April –

The next in our series, Monthly Musings, where we highlight the shapes, colors, and trends that inspired me this month. xo Shea

April is the month where it finally begins to feel like spring in Utah, even though there will inevitably still be a snowstorm or two. I’m feeling inspired by the many shades of brown and cream this month, and particularly how they reflect the tones of nature as it shifts from season to season. These shades are both calming and grounding, and perfect for ushering in spring. xo Shea

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From top left: Celine Triomphe Oval Sunglasses, Hampstead Console Table, Floral Matelasse Coverlet, Jane Polo Sweater, Phoebe Sandals, Kynlee Clay Vase, The Leather-Trimmed Straw Tote, Salt & Sea Candle, Chase Skirt


Monthly Musings | April

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01 April