Monthly Musings | March

01 March –

The next in our series, Monthly Musings, where we highlight the shapes, colors, and trends that inspired me this month. xo Shea

March is the month when we start seeing some color reappear in the landscape. It’s the month of new growth and renewal. I’m feeling so inspired by the shades of green and blue, and of course, since we live in Utah, still some crisp cremes and whites lingering from winter snow. Things are starting to come alive and I am forever inspired by what nature offers. xo Shea

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From top left: Classic Vaccjetta Leather Clutch Bag, Scallop Border Napkins, Cooper Cardigan in Warm Ivory, Krissan Vase, Cyprus Sunglasses, Bettencourt Table Lamp, Marni Pillow Cover, Max Shirt, Orange Jasmine & Eucalyptus Wreath.


Monthly Musings | March

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01 March