The Sunday 7

The Start of March

03 March –

No. 01

I traveled to KBIS this week to share our collection with Kohler and meet many of you! The Kohler team brought the kitchen and two bathroom sets from our photoshoots in Wisconsin all the way to Vegas to reassemble just in time for this convention! It was incredible to not only be able to display the pieces but present them in full room settings to experience the full effect.  

No. 02
Around the Table

Our first episode of Around the Table went live this week! Syd and I love to cook and bake (some of us love to consume the baked goods more than bake them… I’m looking at you, Syd McGee) and I’m excited to bring my approach to the table to all of you. I believe food can be simple, delicious, and beautiful, and if there’s an opportunity to set a table, you know I’m going to take it. Happy cooking! 

No. 03
Enjoying the Leftovers

Speaking of Around the Table, last week we filmed our first episode with a guest chef, my dear friend Kelsey Nixon! That webisode will be live later this month, but in the meantime, I have been enjoying the leftovers from the visual team that have brought a touch of spring to our kitchen.  

No. 04
Blues & Creams

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ll be living in shades of blue and cream for the months ahead. The perfect color palette as we start to transition from winter to spring! I love these Mary Janes and this pair is an amazing second option.  

No. 05
March Monthly Musings

March is here and I could not be more ready for warmer days – counting them down! In the meantime, I’m sharing the touches of green that are inspiring me this month, but keeping it grounded with whites and creams since we know this was just “false spring” weather here in Utah and second winter will be upon us soon.  

No. 06
New Home Webisodes

The home refresh made its way to the girls’ rooms and we shared those details on our YouTube channel here.  

No. 07
Check Your Mailboxes!

The McGee & Co. Spring Catalogue is on its way to your doorsteps this week! It’s always so fun to see the physical catalogue in our hands and I hope y’all love this collection as much as I do.  

Date Posted
03 March