Shea's McGee & Co. Favorites

17 February –

Shea's McGee & Co. picks all on sale now.

McGee & Co.’s Presidents’ Day Sale is here (and don’t overlook the chance to earn double rewards during this special event). To get you inspired, Shea has picked a few of her favorites, all discounted by up to 25% off. Discover Shea’s top choices, ranging from a luxurious fringe-detailed settee, found in her own primary suite, to a charming scalloped tumbler, featured in our latest spring collection. Shop all of Shea’s picks on sale now.

No. 01
Adderley Tumbler

No. 02
Philippa Settee

No. 03
Floral Matelasse Coverlet

No. 04
Scaletta Bench

No. 05
Vedruna Table Lamp

No. 07
Tottenham Taper Holder

No. 08 Clegg Lounge Chair

Date Posted
17 February