The McGee’s Garden Must-haves
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The McGee’s Garden Must-haves

A garden update + a few favorite essentails

Maintaining a garden is a labor of love…

but since starting our garden at The McGee Home, we’ve learned so much about what works for us and what makes the process even more enjoyable.

We’re excited to share how we’re prepping our garden this year and a few of our favorite essentials. 

Here’s a few updates from our garden:

Our favorite part about having a garden so far:

I love to be outside working with my hands, so I can’t be on my phone or laptop! It is also extremely gratifying to watch a garden start from nothing and grow and flourish over time – it kind of feels like magic.

What we’ve learned after going through each season with our garden:

I have learned that you don’t have to be an expert to just get started. I love to google and research online to mitigate mistakes, but ultimately, but doing the work has taught me the most. Not everything will be perfect – and that’s okay.

The McGee’s Garden Must-haves

Last summer’s Watermelon, in the McGee Home Backyard

Our favorite thing to eat from our garden:

My kids love to potter around in the garden with me and it brings me so much joy. Our kids are big fans of spaghetti squash!

What we wish we would have done differently when planning our garden:

I should have made room for more raised beds because I love it so much.   

What we’re most looking forward to growing this year:

I love having herbs like thyme, basil and rosemary to be able to clip fresh while cooking.

The McGee’s Garden Must-haves

Our favorite garden accessories

A few pretty favorites
Luck & Trust
Garden Tool Set
Clay Garden Markers
McGee & Co.
Wood Handled Secateurs
Janessa Leone
Hamilton Hat
Seed Starter Tray
Janessa Leone
Gil Hat
Clarington Forge Hand Tool Set
McGee & Co.
Linen Half-Body Apron

For more details about our garden, check out our post about how we started it here, and watch our backyard webisode below.


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