The Sunday 7: California Dreaming
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The Sunday 7: California Dreaming

Mixed business with pleasure over spring break in Southern California.

1. It was spring break this last week and we timed a trip to Southern California to juggle work, family, and play.

The weather was divine and I’m so grateful to get some quality one-on-one time with Syd and the girls before we start filming soon. Once production on Dream Home Makeover begins, every minute of our days are planned out and fully booked from sun up to sun down!


The Sunday 7: California Dreaming
The Sunday 7: California Dreaming
The Sunday 7: California Dreaming

2. While I was nearby, I stopped at one of our big new-build projects.

I mentioned on Instagram that we have been working on this for a few years and some of you were completely shocked by that timeline! High-end custom homes are definitely not built over night. From acquiring the property, designing the architectural plans (which we are typically a part of), submitting for permits, designing, bidding, digging, framing, etc. etc. The homes we design are a hugely collaborative effort with so many nuances and decisions along the way. This home is for a very special client and will be a huge feature in our upcoming design book!

The Sunday 7: California Dreaming
The Sunday 7: California Dreaming
The Sunday 7: California Dreaming

3. The other work item on my agenda was shooting our outdoor McGee & Co. collection that will be launching!

I can’t share it all yet, but this moment made me so happy:

The Sunday 7: California Dreaming

4. Every single image above was edited using our SM Presets!

I am truly a believer in their ability to enhance your photos while still feeling authentic and not too filtered.

5. What I packed for our trip:

Babydoll dress
Ruffle Scoop-back Swimsuit
Ulla Johnson Wrap
Peony Sandals
Oversized Sweatshirt
Align Bike Shorts
Packable Straw Hat
Linen Dress

6. ICYMI, we shared the kids’ spaces from our AZ Homestead project earlier this week.

They are just adorable.

7. Excited to see the flowers blooming all around us and taking it as a sign of what’s to come!

Happy week,


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