4 Pretty Organizing Essentials

Spring cleaning made beautiful

12 April 2021 -

When it comes to getting organized…

we like to think about how we can balance merge form and function to elevate our everyday lives.

Today, we’re excited to share four of our favorite pretty organizing essentials for all of your spring cleaning needs!

No. 1: Textural baskets

No. 2: Catch-all trays

"I love to put trays on a coffee table to put our remotes inside or store coasters or a candle. Boxes are great because they add height, but you can also hide away gaming controllers and any other miscellaneous items."

Shea McGee

No. 3: Decorative boxes & bins

"I think there are two types of storage. Closed for hiding away the stuff that you don't want to see every day, and open for displaying things that can be beautiful and useful."

Shea McGee

No. 4: Pretty bowls

Date Posted
12 April 2021