The Sunday 7

Two trips to California, a catalogue launch, and a sneak peek of our backyard and a recently completed project.

06 June 2021 -

1. Once filming begins, a chaotic schedule ensues.

Spent last weekend in the Bay Area installing a new build project and photographing it for the design book! Here’s a little iphone sneak peek (edited using our Organic preset) because I just can’t help myself.

2. Once I got home from SF, it was time to get the backyard ready to shoot the updates we’ve been making to the backyard!

It’s safe to say that floating in the pool at eight months pregnant is my favorite activity.


3. The next day we launched our McGee & Co. catalogue and she is an absolute beaut’!

We actually shot the catalogue in a project we finished at the beginning of Covid and never ended up photographing. These dining chairs were so fun to develop every detail (especially the cute removable back cushion). When they finally become available they are going in our basement kitchenette!

4. Then we took off to California again for more filming.

It’s no secret that all I wear is dresses right now, so here was the lineup for the week:

5. A new to me discovery is this lip oil!

It feels so silky going on and I love that it provides a little color and shine while still maintaining a low key look.

6. Father’s Day is just around the corner and we shared a few of Syd’s favorite picks for the guys in your life HERE.

7. Although I won’t be doing much long-distance travel this summer,

I lit this candle in my bedroom today  (the Figue Cassis scent) and I felt a tiny bit closer to the South of France. Happy Week! xo-S

Date Posted
06 June 2021