Our Guide to Creating an Outdoor Setting
04/15 Design

Our Guide to Creating an Outdoor Setting

Live in open air

Yesterday, we launched our first full outdoor collection on McGee & Co.!

To celebrate, we wanted to share a step-by-step guide to creating a cozy outdoor setting that will allow for fresh air, more time in the sun, and, most importantly, an expanded living space.

From family barbeques to intimate celebrations, creating moments to remember isn't just about where you are but who you are with. This season, we're doing our best to make even the mundane beautiful by spending time to bring thoughtful details to the everyday.

Here's our guide to creating an outdoor setting:

Step 1: Set the foundation.

First, we start by creating an outdoor lounge complete with the same design elements we share indoors.

Using an indoor/outdoor rug will help set the foundation and ground the space for your furniture layout. We follow the same sizing rules we do indoors here, which means that the rug should be large enough for all of the front legs of the furniture to land on the rug. That typically means there are about 6" on each side of the furniture.

Once you have your rug set, the space will instantly feel more inviting. Bonus: Our indoor/outdoor rugs are known for their simple maintenance and can be easily hosed off to clean!

Step 2: Place the furniture

Next, we place the furniture. While usually, we wouldn't do a matching set in a living room, we do outdoor pieces differently. Choosing similar profiles helps the pieces to blend in with the outdoor setting and create a seamless look.


When we designed our line of outdoor furniture on McGee & Co, we made each piece with 100% high-grade teak for maximum durability and longevity. Outdoor cushions add to the collection to help it withstand the elements of the outdoors.

We chose classic shapes with subtle designer details because it's an investment piece designed to last year after year. The best part is that we kept in mind how everything looks at every angle, so no matter how you orient your outdoor lounge — you know it'll look good!!

Step 3: Make it come to life.

After the furniture is set, you're onto the fun part — making your outdoor space come to life. You really want to focus on decor created for outdoor functions here.

When it comes to accessorizing for outdoors, we love natural beautiful potted plants and pillows. We use planters on the side closest to the home to create an environment where you feel completely surrounded by nature.

Our Guide to Creating an Outdoor Setting
Our Guide to Creating an Outdoor Setting

For pillows, we like to follow the same method that we use when styling a sofa indoors. Paying attention to texture, size, color palette is all important here, and don't be afraid to mix patterns!

Then, add an outdoor throw for evenings outside. Filling in the corners of your outdoor lounge by layer in planters makes the space cozier and lived-in.

When adding in accessories, we like to keep things minimal, but we love large trays and baskets to help corral decor — making it easier to carry mid-day snacks or pitchers of lemonade in and out of the home.

Step 4: Set the table

Next comes outdoor dining! If your dining room is next to your lounge, We'd say you can forgo the outdoor rug. But, a rug does create a special atmosphere with the added warmth, color, and layers — so if you're space is right for it, then go for it! You want a rug large enough where all four legs can sit on it while the chairs are pulled out when you are seated.

Our Guide to Creating an Outdoor Setting

Finish it off by bringing an indoor vase outside while you enjoy your setting is another fun way to make outdoors a little more inviting. We like to use clippings from the yard to fill it — adding an organic shape into the setting. When it's warm and beautiful out, staying at home doesn't have to mean staying outside. Enjoy some fresh air and take in the scenery!

Our Guide to Creating an Outdoor Setting

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate outdoors? We'll be sharing ours here soon!