How to Style Your Outdoor Space
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How to Style Your Outdoor Space

Consider your living space expanded

It’s almost time to expand our living spaces outdoors.

Whether you’re still awaiting warmer temperatures or you’re looking to refresh your year-round outdoor space, it never hurts to have a few styling tricks up your sleeve.
When it comes to creating an experience that feels like an expansion of your living space, it’s all in the details. In this post, we’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to bring any elevated outdoor space to life and ensure guest readiness as soon as entertaining weather ensues.

How to Style Your Outdoor Space
How to Style Your Outdoor Space

No. 1: Incorporate textural planters 

We love using greenery and foliage to make the outdoor living space blend in with its surroundings. Incorporating textural planters with a little bit of patina and time-worn character is a great way to get that lived-in vacationing-in-Italy feel in your own backyard.

How to Style Your Outdoor Space
How to Style Your Outdoor Space

Planters with character

Get that vacationing-in-Italy feel in your own backyard.
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Bodie Fiberstone Planter
Olya Cement Planter
Textured Concrete Pot
Terracotta Outdoor Planter
Glossy Cream Garden Pots (Set of 3)
Nuri Planter
Striped Clay Planter
Edene Ceramic Planter
Marina Outdoor Planter
Gray Cement Pot
Natural Cement Planter (Set of 2)

No. 2: Bring in earthy colored textiles to blend into the surroundings 

If you’re not used to incorporating a lot of color inside your home, the outdoor space is the perfect way to experiment with adding more earth tones. Incorporating green and blue hues in your outdoor color palette and textiles can make any outdoor space feel lush, even if you don’t have crawling ivy on your walls.

How to Style Your Outdoor Space
How to Style Your Outdoor Space

Earthy indoor / outdoor pillows

Make your outdoor space feel lush with easy greens and blues.
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Avis Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Patchwork Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Farin Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Westview Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Calais Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Paley Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Waldon Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Etta Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Trish Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Ivy Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

No. 3: Create moments with furniture placement 

You can create little living moments in your outdoor space just like inside by dividing seating areas up and creating “zones.” Break up your seating areas to encourage conversation and for people to move throughout your space organically.

How to Style Your Outdoor Space
How to Style Your Outdoor Space

Detailed outdoor seating pieces

Create seating zones and encourage conversation.
All indoor/outdoor furniture
Triby Outdoor Chair
Caine Outdoor Side Table
Goodwin Wicker Lounge Chair
Vento Outdoor Sofa
Caine Outdoor Coffee Table
Vento Outdoor Chair
Cadie Outdoor Chaise
James Bar Cart
Goodwin Wicker Pool Chaise

No. 4: Add pattern to center your outdoor pieces 

Pattern provides a landing space and creates a groundwork for your main pieces to live, drawing the eye in from the moment you enter a space. When it comes to an outdoor area, pattern is just as important—layer pattern through rugs and textiles to create a cozy extension of your indoor living area.

How to Style Your Outdoor Space
How to Style Your Outdoor Space

Patterned indoor / outdoor rugs

Set the scene with a patterned rug to draw the eye.
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Belleville Indoor/Outdoor Rug
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Torrance Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Bavaria Indoor / Outdoor Rug
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