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How to Clean & Care for Your Outdoor Furniture

Keeping it fresh. All the tips and tricks to keep your outdoor furniture shining year-round.

27 February 2023 -

Cleaning and caring for the long-term health of your outdoor furniture isn’t always straightforward. We receive quite a few questions about how to clean and care for outdoor furniture, on a lawn or a patio, on a daily basis—is there a special cleaner or do you just use the hose?—so we thought it would be fun to dive into the specifics on how to ensure your McGee & Co. outdoor furniture has a long life as the base for so many special family memories.

To state the obvious, if it lives outside, it’s going to get dirty. Dust, pollen, rain, and mold are all environmental factors that play into the longevity of your outdoor furniture, but there’s also kids and pets and the wear and tear from everyday use. Whether it’s made of a wood like teak, cement, woven rattan, a high-performance outdoor fabric, metal or plastic, there are certain tips and tricks you can do to help maintain the piece for as long as possible, to live well beyond your seasonal refresh. Here’s how to keep your outdoor furniture clean and fresh.

wicker chairs around teak wood table
teak wood lounge chair and sofa around coffee table on top of rug

What materials are best for outdoor furniture?

Teak wood, fiber cement, fiber stone, and Subrella fabrics tend to be the most durable materials for outdoor furniture.

Do you need to clean outdoor upholstery?

Each outdoor furniture piece is unique, so it’s important to make sure you read the manufacturer’s care instructions before cleaning your outdoor furniture.

Our outdoor collection with McGee & Co. was designed to be weatherproof and easy to maintain. To clean it, we recommend using a water-based shampoo and a damp cloth to spot-clean dirt and spills and let it dry naturally. Just remember not to scrub the fabric and grind the stain into the material.

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How often do you need to clean teak wood?

Teak guard requires reapplication of Teak Guard every three to five years. Make sure to follow the instructions on your Teak Guard and Teak Tonic bottles to apply as needed.

What is the most effective way to clean an indoor/outdoor rug?

Regular vacuuming and the occasional gentle shake should keep your indoor/outdoor rug in prime condition. All PET area rugs are hose-able and scrubbable. Remember to air dry only, and do not machine wash or dry.

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fiber stone coffee table with tray holding vase, fruit, and pitcher

If my outdoor furniture is weatherproof, do I need to cover it when the weather is bad?

Even if your outdoor pieces are all-weather, it’s best to cover them in the event of inclement weather to avoid any damage.

Can I wash my outdoor pillows?

Although you cannot machine-wash outdoor pillows, many fabrics are hose-able. Our indoor/outdoor pillows designed with McGee & Co. are all hose-able!

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Is there anything I should avoid using when cleaning my outdoor furniture?

We recommend avoiding the use of typical house cleaners as they contain chemicals that may tarnish or damage the finish. It’s best to only use cleaners specifically made for outdoor furniture.

How do I keep my outdoor furniture looking new long-term?

To keep your outdoor furniture looking new long-term, be sure to use a coaster, trivet, or placemat when necessary to protect the finish and keep your piece looking good as new for years to come. If you are experiencing inclement weather conditions, it is best to cover the outdoor furniture and use occasional teak treatment.

teak wood lounge chair and sofa around coffee table on top of rug
wicker dining chairs around teak wood dining table

What should I do if I spill on my outdoor furniture?

If spills occur on your outdoor furniture, blot immediately and wipe with a damp cloth using water only.

Does cement outdoor furniture require upkeep?

While cement outdoor furniture doesn’t require upkeep, we would still recommend covering it or taking it indoors in the case of extreme weather.

teak wood with wicker detail oudoor sofa and chair around coffee table on top of rug

What is the best way to care for outdoor wicker materials?

The best way to take care of outdoor wicker materials is by hosing, washing, and keeping it dusted and dried as much as possible. Treat it with care and it will retain its integrity for years to come.

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Date Posted
27 February 2023