5 Tips for An Effortless Outdoor Tablescape

Lounging on the patio or entertaining guests with an evening al fresco — we've got inspiration to make your outdoor area feel as effortless as it does special.

21 June 2022 -

Warm seasons mean more time for reveling in any outdoor space at the ready.

Whether it be lounging on the patio or entertaining guests with an evening al fresco — we’re here for all of it, with a few notes of inspiration to make our outdoor areas feel both effortless and special. Check out a few of our tips to create these kind of outdoor living areas (you’ll be amazed at the wonders of what a patterned tablecloth or a throw blanket can do!).   

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No. 1: Go for durability 

Outdoor furniture and accessories must withstand the elements: sun, wind, moisture, — you name it. So as a rule of thumb, look for the most durable materials and finishes to avoid fading and breaking. The more resilient, the better. Materials like teak wood, aluminum, synthetic resin, and galvanized steel (to name a few) are extra hardy for patio use. Plus, they make for great indoor pieces if playful kids are in the picture! 

No. 2: Repurpose indoor items 

Not all patio decor must be sentenced to stay outside. In fact, we love putting good use to indoor items — the ones tucked in kitchen cabinets or up on the shelves — for outdoor enjoyment. Pitchers, placemats, bowls, carafes, platters… they can all be repurposed to serve food and drinks, or hold fresh-cut stems on the table. Don’t forget a basic or statement-making tablecloth, too!  

No. 3: Food can double as décor 

Fresh fruit is a staple at the summer table — not just for eating, but for a refreshing and inviting display. Try adding a pop of color with whole citrus (leaves on, if available!) scattered around, plated, or in a decorative bowl. Then you can tie it all together by garnishing each drink with a quartered wedge. 

No. 4: Keep bugs at bay  

When the weather’s nice, we’re not the only ones taking full advantage! Mosquitos and flies love to crash an otherwise perfect evening. Proactively prepare your outdoor area with bug repellents and barriers to protect yourself and the table spread. Having covers for food dishes and lighting candles are two simple methods that don’t spoil the setting. 

No. 5: Opt for comfort 

If you’re anything like us, you could find yourself perched on the patio for a while — so keep it comfortable. Spring for more plush seating, ideally with removable and washable cushions. Then, top off couches and chairs with a throw blanket and pillows for equal parts form and function. A lightweight textile or two tossed over chairs add a lived-in look, and give guests an option to bundle up when the sun goes down. 

Date Posted
21 June 2022