Introducing McGee & Co. Signature Scents

Making our mark on fragrances.

24 October 2023 –

Nothing makes home feel more like home than the perfect candle, it’s equally about the scent and the cozy feeling that comes from a flickering wick inside a beautiful glass jar. Imagine settling into your office space for the afternoon with a sense of calm in the air to inspire productivity or prepping your living room and kitchen for entertaining friends, knowing that you’ve created a welcoming scene for joyful conversations. Or imagine you are tucking into luxurious bedding to wind down with a few chapters of your current read. In each place, a simple candle made with natural ingredients is styled into a vignette alongside objects that speak to who you are and what you love. When lit, it perfectly sets the mood with its thoughtful aroma

We love a deep dive into how our favorite products are made—a favorite being McGee & Co.’s candle-making process. Each glass jar is expertly designed and the soy-wax candles inside are hand-crafted from start to finish. We think every detail of this process is worth appreciating.

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24 October 2023