Behind the Scenes of The McGee & Co. Candle Collection
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Behind the Scenes of The McGee & Co. Candle Collection

The making of our new candle collection

There’s nothing that sets the mood like lighting the perfect candle… 

and as we enter into the holiday season, we’re adding more warmth and ambiance to enhance our daily rituals and ignite our senses. 

When it comes to the candles we burn inside of our homes, every ingredient matters, and in developing our latest candle collection with McGee & Co., we got an inside look at the process of making small-batch artisan candles. Today, we’re excited to share more about our latest collection of hand-poured soy candles and how each element can enhance the experience of a home.  

Watch the video below for an inside look at the candle-making process, and keep scrolling to read more. 

Cedar + Berry Candle
Candle Snuffer
Balsam & Fir Candle

The process of creating hand-poured candles:

There’s something about the quality of a hand-poured, small-batch candle that feels different and special, and we’re so grateful to work with artisans who have honed their craft to help us create the candles we all feel proud to burn enough in our own homes.

Each step of the hand-poured candle-making process is touched by the human hand, from cleaning and wicking the glassware to melting the wax and blending the fragrance. Once the wax is melted and blended into the fragrance, it is poured slowly into glass vessels to set. After the candle wicks have dried, each one is carefully inspected for quality and hand-labeled and packaged by artisans.

Behind the Scenes of The McGee & Co. Candle Collection

The wax:  

Quality wax can make all the difference in the burn of a candle, and when we started creating our candle line, we knew we wanted to use the best ingredients possible. Each candle in our McGee & Co. candle collection is made using natural soy wax, which is not only a local domestic resource but also burns cleaner than its Paraffin counterpart and allows for a longer-lasting fragrance. 

Behind the Scenes of The McGee & Co. Candle Collection

The wicks:  

Our McGee & Co. candles are each made with cotton wicks, which, combined with a natural wax medium like soy wax, create a cleaner and longer candle-burning experience. We love trimming our candles with a wick trimmer afterburn to avoid smokey glass and maintain their look and feel. Plus, a wick trimmer makes the perfect addition to a candle gift! 

Behind the Scenes of The McGee & Co. Candle Collection

The glass:  

When we started the process of creating our candle collection, it was especially important to us that we use high-quality French-made glassware. Not only do candles in glass jars look beautiful, but they can easily be re-used and recycled as a vase or organizational piece after use. 

Behind the Scenes of The McGee & Co. Candle Collection

The scent:  

Inspired by The McGee’s favorite scents and traditions, each of our unique fragrance blends is scented with therapeutic essential oils for a clean burn and lasting aroma. Plus, we made sure each scent layers well with one another, so you can burn multiple candles in the collection at once and create a personalized scent profile in your home! 

The McGee & Co. Candle Collection

Hand-poured, small-batch soy candles designed to enhance the experience of everyday living.
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Amber + Clove Candle
McGee & Co
Neroli & Vetiver Candle
McGee & Co
Palo Santo & Oakmoss Candle
McGee & Co
Freesia & Pear Candle
McGee & Co
Sandalwood + Fleur Candle
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Citrus + Birch Candle
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Salt + Sea Candle
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