mcgee and co. essental candle collection

Inside the McGee & Co. Candle-Making Process

Our hand-poured candle collection brings a refreshing feel to each space in your home. See how they’re made here.

11 January 2023 -

Nothing makes home feel more like home than the perfect candle, it’s equally about the scent and the cozy feeling that comes from a flickering wick inside a beautiful glass jar. Imagine settling into your office space for the afternoon with a sense of calm in the air to inspire productivity. Imagine prepping your living room and kitchen for entertaining friends, knowing that you’ve created a welcoming scene for joyful conversations. Or imagine you are tucking into luxurious bedding to wind down with a few chapters of your current read. In each place a simple candle made with natural ingredients is styled into a vignette alongside objects that speak to who you are and what you love. When lit, it perfectly sets the mood with its thoughtful aroma.

We love a deep dive into how our favorite products are made—a favorite being McGee & Co.’s candle-making process. . Each glass jar is expertly designed and the soy-wax candles inside are hand-crafted from start to finish. We think every detail of this process is worth appreciating.

Watch the video below for an inside look at the McGee & Co. Candle collection, and read on for more on the process, the materials, and the scents.

No. 01 | The Process

No. 02 | The Materials

No. 03 | The Scents

mcgee and co. essential candle collection

No. 01 | The Process

Skilled artisans have their hands on each step of the process, making the candles in small batches here in the United States. First, they clean the glassware and place the twin wicks in the center of the glass. Once the wax is melted and blended into the fragrance, it is hand-poured slowly into the glass vessels to set. After the candle wicks have dried and the wax has set, each candle is carefully inspected for quality, labeled by hand, and packaged.

Each of our candles is crafted to have a slow, lasting burn, enhancing your experience of home for the entirety of its projected 40-to-55-hour burn time. We’re so grateful to be able to work with artisans who have spent years honing their craft, thus, offering the best quality products possible to fans of our brand.

McGee & Co. Freesia & Pear Candle
McGee & Co. Salt & Sea Candle

No. 02 | The Materials

When it comes to the candles we burn inside of our homes, every ingredient matters. Each candle in our McGee & Co. collection is made using natural soy wax that is sourced in the United States and is phthalate and paraben free. Candles made from natural soy wax and therapeutic essential oils allow for a longer-lasting fragrance and a scent-filled room that you can feel good about.

The wicks in each candle are made simply from cotton, complementing the clean burn of the soy wax around it. After each burn, we love trimming the cotton wicks with a wick trimmer to avoid dark stains on the glass and to help retain that just-opened look.

To complete the look, each candle is held in French-made glass that brings simple touch of beauty to your home decor and can easily be recycled as a vase or organizational piece after its use.

McGee & Co Citrus & Birch Candle
McGee & Co. Neroli & Vetiver Candle

No. 03 | The Scents

Curated and developed by Shea and the design team, each McGee & Co. candle is timeless, bringing refreshing luxury to your routines year-round. The blends of essential oils in each candle are inspired by nature and daily rituals of intention. For example, the Palo Santo & Oakmoss Candle features notes of sandalwood, black pepper, and nutmeg. The Salt & Sea Candle has notes of ocean mist and fresh citrus. We even made sure each scent layers well with one another, so you can burn multiple candles in the collection at once and create a personalized scent profile in your home.

McGee & Co Sandalwood & Fleur Candle
McGee & Co. Salt & Sea Candle
Date Posted
11 January 2023