How to Style Your Outdoor Living Space

Our guide for high-style al fresco living done right.

06 March –

How to Style Your Outdoor Living Space
How to Style Your Outdoor Living Space
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When the weather gets warmer, we start dreaming of ways to bring our outdoor spaces to life and get ready for al fresco hosting season. Here, how to make your outdoor living space as beautiful as your indoor ones.

Creating an outdoor space you want to show off is all about considering the details, big and small. Whether you’re designing an outdoor lounge area from scratch or looking to complete your space with a few finishing design touches, we’re of the mind that your outdoor spaces should feel like an extension of your home.

There’s no better time than late winter or early spring to envision your outdoor styling and prepare to bring it to life and make it your own. There’s a plethora of things you can do to take your outdoor living up a notch, and we’ve gathered them here. Below, a few ideas on how to elevate your outdoor space, no matter the size of the project.


Bring Indoor Comforts

A lot of people don’t think of their outdoor space the same as they door their indoor space. But the truth is, nearly everything that is made to live indoors is also made, in a different way, to live outdoors. Incorporating furniture pieces designed with form and function in mind expands your living space by bringing the comfort of the indoors out.

While usually, we don’t gravitate towards matching sets in a living room, choosing similar profiles for an outdoor lounge look helps the pieces to blend in with the setting and create a seamless look. Then layer in an indoor-outdoor rug that is constructed to withstand the elements. Incorporating some of the same elements we use in an indoor living space instantly brings a more inviting feeling to an outdoor lounge, and a rug is a perfect place to start. It will help set the foundation and ground the space for your furniture layout.

A note on sizing: We follow the same sizing rules we do indoors here, which means that the rug should be large enough for all of the front legs of the furniture to land on the rug. That typically means there are about 6″ on each side of the furniture.

Next, select a set of indoor-outdoor pillows to bring a cozy nature to your outdoor lounge area. When it comes to styling outdoor pillows, we like to follow the same method we use when styling a sofa indoors. Paying attention to texture, size, and color palette is still important in an outside setting, and don’t be afraid to mix patterns and play off the surrounding environment for color and texture curation. On chillier nights, add an outdoor throw.

While there are certain things you should do to ensure a long and fruitful life for these textiles, they are built to be more durable, and we promise the little extra work will be worth it. For a more detailed look at how to clean and care for your outdoor furniture, read our post here.


Style Your Tabletop

Elevate your alfresco dining entertaining pieces for considered gatherings. Making your outdoor gatherings feel thoughtful doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with functional entertaining essentials like melamine plates and woven placemats, and complete the look with printed table linens, candles, and pretty glassware. Go for real linens versus paper. For one, they’re heavier and not as susceptible to wind, plus they’re a lot more aesthetically pleasing amongst your other tabletop pieces.

Incorporate functional decor details into your tabletop as well, by again, bringing a few indoor decor pieces outside. We love using trays to corral objects for entertaining, or vases for adding texture and greenery. For a more detailed look at how to style your outdoor tablescape, read our post here.

tablescape with gingham tablecloth and blue melamine plates


Incorporate Greenery

It’s easy to skimp on greenery as styling elements because you’re surrounded by greenery already in the outdoors. However, it’s a quick and easy way to elevate your outdoor space with some beautiful moments. There’s also the functionality part of it. Outdoor plants require way less attention than indoor plants do because they soak up the sun and the rain naturally.

Arrange a set of smaller vases down your tabletop or go for a larger spray in the middle for a more dramatic effect. Flank your seating area with large planters for a coordinated and balanced look or arrange smaller live plants on side tables and down a walkway. If you garden, incorporate an herb garden into your décor through a planting bench or living wall. These simple, organic moments elevate the design of an outdoor living space and remind us why we’re choosing to bask in the fresh air to begin with. Harness what’s around you and utilize it in your design.

potted plants in planters on wooden table


Mood Lighting

Don’t rely on overhead lighting or porch lighting to keep your outdoor soiree well lit. If you can, flank the door leading inside with hardwired sconces built for the outdoor elements. Install path lights along a walkway or hang string lights overhead on a pergola. You can plant stakes that hold lanterns around your dining table or the sitting area, or sit them directly on the tabletops. And then there’s always candles. Am ambient flickering flame is the stalwart of mood setting.

There’s a plethora of ways in which you can incorporate lighting into your outdoor space. Whatever makes the most sense for your existing elements, it’s guaranteed to elevate your al fresco dining moment to a level in which we all feel like we’re sharing a meal in the Tuscan countryside, even though for us at least, we’re in Northern Utah.


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