2024 Design Trends We're Loving

27 November 2023 –

Every year we take stock of where we’ve been and look forward to what’s on offer for the new year.

Design trends come and go, and though we like to think of ourselves as a design firm that sits firmly on the classic side, Shea and the design team still get inspired by some of the most trendy design elements that come and go each year. Part of the Studio McGee aesthetic is being able to effortlessly blend timeless design with current trends.

To give you an idea of what you’ll be seeing in the design industry in 2024, we’ve culled together a few of our favorites, the design trends we’re loving and looking forward to seeing more of. From colors we’ll be incorporating into our Studio McGee design projects to materials you’ll be seeing in our McGee & Co. pieces, here are the 2024 design trends we’re loving.


Country Club Aesthetic

TikTok calls this Tenniscore, and though it’s mainly a fashion trend, we’re loving incorporating the racquet club aesthetic into our interior styling. Tenniscore effortlessly mixes our long-establish love of athleisure with the throwback aesthetic of Princess Diana at the country club. In the closet, you’ll find this trend in cable knit sweaters, loafers, pleated skirts, and tube socks. In interiors, you’ll find it in crisp whites, creams, and playful greens, cabana stripes, rattan, chambray, and pristine lawns.

In 2024, keep an eye out for an expansion of our beloved McGee & Co. Haviland Collection of outdoor furniture featuring a clean, crisp tennis stripe.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that last year we named “Country Club Grandpa” as a design trend we’re loving. We’ve been loving it so much that we wanted to include it this year, as it’s a trend we’re not projecting goes away any time soon. Shea and the design team have been incorporating this sophisticated, old-school aesthetic into a lot of their recent projects and you’ll be seeing more of it as we debut projects that are in the works. We love that it’s a little Ralph Lauren and a little Steve McQueen, mahogany meets worn-in leather.

See the full list of 2023 design trends here.


Natural + Luxe Pairings

A trend we’re absolutely loving is the beautiful coupling of natural materials like plaster and stone with sleek, more modern elements like glass and straight lines. One of the best examples of this trend is our first international Studio McGee project, Cabo Dos Vistas. Inside the sleek, wall-to-wall glass doors (luxe), you’ll find a fireplace flanked by stone, rough-hewn pottery, raw wood and leather (natural). One of our favorite examples of this inside Cabo Dos Vistas in the primary suite’s bathroom. Here, a modern steel and glass wall wraps around a stone wall and the bathroom’s vanity which is made of oak cabinetry and grasscloth drawer fronts.

Read more about Cabo Dos Vistas’ Organic Modern design elements here and shop the look below.


Warm Reds

We’ve been seeing a lot of warm, nostalgic shades of red in fashion, and we’re excited to see more of it in the home in 2024. In the red color family, we’re seeing rich and cozy terracotta and dusty pinks, deep red tones like burgundy and rust, soft mauve, and shades of brown with earthy, red undertones.


Understated Opulence

We all know the over-the-top design elements of classical opulence, which is gilded mirrors, dramatically piled drapery, crystal chandeliers, and saturated silks. While there’s a time and place for all of that, we’re really loving incorporating elements of opulence into an understated space. We’re seeing that with rich velvet tones in a simple furniture frame, fluted glass, European bedding with piped borders, ball finials, fringe, marble, tapestries, and skirted upholstery.


Italian-Inspired Pieces

Italian-inspired design is back in a big way, in ways of nostalgia and contemporary. You’ll be seeing this a lot in elements like Murano glass, ironwork, plaster, ceiling medallions, marble, and busts or sculptures. One of these you’ll be seeing a lot of in our upcoming McGee & Co. collections is beautiful ironwork, from furniture legs to taper candle holders. We’re loving the patinaed, imperfect nature of the hammered, forged iron and the dimension and warmth it adds to a space.


Statement Tile + Flooring

In 2024, we’ll be seeing a lot of designers taking more of a statement-making approach to tile combinations both on walls and floors. The Studio McGee take on this trend will be to use interesting pairings in an understated way. In one of our recent design projects, you saw this when Shea and the design team took a departure from the time-honored black and white checkerboard flooring and instead laid a neutral but unexpected combination of Calacatta marble and limestone. In a recent primary bath shower, Shea and the design team went with a Carrera marble brick lay is accented with a border of stacked marble liners “to create a reeded detail on all sides,” Shea explained.

In late 2023, Shea partnered with Ann Sacks to create a tile collection that represents the Studio McGee aesthetic. Shop the full collection here.

See more of the Spec Home’s laundry room here and the primary bathroom here.


Maximum Personality

Going big is big in 2024, and being authentically you. Maximalism is where things are headed, and it can mean so many different things to so many different people. It can be heavy patterning, from the wallpaper to the drapes to the rugs to the upholstery, or highly saturated colors occupying a smaller space, super dark wood stains, or a highly personalized space that displays your lifelong teacup collection. If you like the look, you can lean into maximalism in your shelf styling by curating a clustered grouping of collected, found, repurposed, and vintage objects. Bold, playful gestures and curiosity cabinets, a little House of Hackney and a whole lot of Dorothy Draper.

Date Posted
27 November 2023