Shea’s McGee & Co. Favorites

Fresh picks for a new year refresh.

14 December 2023 –

January is full of new beginning and I love setting goals and intentions for the new year. Often, that involves reevaluating and refreshing my spaces, especially in small and simple ways. There is something about physically updating and renewing a room that speaks to my inner child and the memories I have of rearranging my bedroom or putting on a new set of sheets; it breathes new life into the space and my mindset. Here, I’ve rounded up my personal favorites from McGee & Co. to help revive your space and set the tone for a beautiful year.

No. 01

Layer in a new piece of furniture for the ultimate impact on the way you view and use your space. To learn more about some of our tried-and-true furniture layouts, check out this post! 

No. 02

Build your bathroom with a selection of curated essentials. We have these towels in our home and will never go back! They are so soft and heavy enough to give you that spa-like feeling without taking forever to dry (and you can stock up while they’re on sale)!

No. 03

Create a new palette for your space with a fresh arrangement of pillows. Mix and match; you can’t go wrong (these are also included in the Essentials Sale). For tips on mixing pillow combinations like a pro, check out our recent post with our step-by-step guide here. 

No. 04
Lighting & Mirrors

Adding lighting and mirror pieces can create the illusion of more space, making them the perfect layers to incorporate for a new year refresh.

No. 05

The easiest way to refresh a space; a new vase here or decorative object there and you can evoke a whole different feeling. 

No. 06
Rugs & Artwork

Set the scene and add tone, texture, and personality to any room with a new rug or museum-quality artwork piece. 

Date Posted
14 December 2023