Spec Home No. 07 | Powder, Laundry, and Mudroom

If there is ever a place where function and beauty collide, these spaces are it.

24 May 2023 -

We know, the laundry room and mudroom may not elicit googly eyes from a lot of you. But you haven’t seen this laundry room. While Shea and the design team pride themselves on being able to elevate spaces of such utility, it’s hard to mask the fact that these rooms are where the dirty work gets done. In our first-ever spec home, which we’ve been sharing bit by bit with you over the past weeks, these utility spaces stand at the same level of beauty as the rest of the home.

Starting in the hallway, which leads to the spec home’s powder bath, laundry room, and mudroom, Shea says, “I like to look at hallways as an opportunity to elevate the design experience throughout the entire home.” A long, narrow hallway was made more interesting by partitioning the sections and strategically placing artwork so it’s enjoyed from multiple viewpoints. Follow along as Shea guides us through the other spaces below.

Inside the Spec Home’s Powder Bathroom
Inside the Spec Home’s Laundry Room
Inside the Spec Home’s Mudroom

Inside the Spec Home's Powder Bathroom

The “little jewel box” powder bathroom features the Marigold Umber Wallpaper from the Morris & Co. x McGee & Co. collection. “It is the statement in this room,” Shea says. “The other statement is the floating vanity,” she adds. The custom piece has a smooth, oak wrap with a curved edge around the sides building the shape of the vanity, topped with a Calacatta marble top with a custom, curved backsplash and unlacquered brass hardware from Kallista. The antiqued bronze Josephine Mirror from McGee & Co. hangs above. “It has a nice, subtle curvature to tie in with the backsplash,” Shea notes, “I always look for those moments of connection in design.” The ceiling and trim are done in Ivory Lace from Sherwin-Williams.

Inside the Spec Home's Laundry Room

“The floors in here are one of the highlights of the entire home,” Shea says immediately stepping into the space. Beneath your foot is a checkboard pattern of Calacatta marble and limestone tiles. “We wanted to depart from the grey and white or black and white we’ve been seeing a lot,” she explains.

The walls are covered in beadboard finished in Natural Tan by Sherwin-Williams, with a darker hue—Sand Beach by Sherwin-Williams—on the cabinetry. Small touches are carried throughout for a dramatic reveal. The black stone countertops are carried up the wall for a backsplash, burnished brass cupboard latches from Rejuvenation elevate the cabinets, and curved brackets give sophistication to the exposed shelving. An asymmetrical window is the perfect moment to bring in a piece of art. This one is Shadowed Shore 1 from McGee & Co.

Underneath a farmhouse sink, Shea and the design team used the space to bring in a touch of traditional design that elevates the room. “This little curtain is a style we’re loving right now,” Shea adds. “Nostalgia will always be cool, but it feels especially cool right now.” See it and other design trends we’re loving in 2023.

Laundry rooms, Shea notes, “are a great opportunity to go bold and custom.”

"The perforated detail on the cabinets feels old-school and new at the same time."

Shea McGee

"The floor is incredible. It feels classic and fresh, which is everything I wanted to do in this home."

Shea McGee

Inside the Spec Home's Mudroom

The mudroom is “the most beautiful shade of green,” Shea exclaims of the Forestwood by Sherwin-Williams color that wraps the entire room, and “the wall of windows is my favorite. I love the light that it brings.” The same limestone flooring from the home’s entryway is carried throughout this space. McGee & Co.’s Hopper Indoor/Outdoor Rug is the perfect companion to the space, “I love that the color of the grey in the rug has a green-ish/blue-ish undertone to it that ties in really nicely to the cabinetry,” Shea adds.

Above, the Cesta Linear Chandelier from McGee & Co. mimics the elongated shape of the room and helps to dress up the space. Tall cabinets call for long drawer pulls. These from Rejuvenation were decided upon by looking at the scale of the doors and the functionality of the space. “Having a pull in an area like this that’s very high traffic is really practical,” explains Shea.

“When we’re designing mudrooms we always ask our clients how many lockers they need,” explains Shea. Given that there’s a dedicated coat closet just outside this room, Shea and the design team chose to keep the cabinetry a mix between closed and open. “It gives you a place to sit down and put your shoes on,” she adds.


"This color feels organic and natural and speaks to the scenery outside the windows."

Shea McGee

Date Posted
24 May 2023