The Sunday 7: Dream Home Makeover Is Officially Live!

18 October 2020 -

1. I’ve been visualizing the launch day of our show for over a year now.

It’s funny because my day looked pretty much like any other day — I washed my face, put on some leggings, and scrubbed some permanent marker out of our carpet. The daily to-dos were the same, but it sure felt different knowing we were opening our home and lives to the world (literally) for better or for worse. We have been overwhelmed with your kind messages ranging from “I binge-watched the show in one sitting” to “You have inspired me to further pursue my passion” and “I’ve already started incorporating some of the tips I learned”. Our team has worked so hard this year to make this entire production a reality and we’re grateful for your support!

2. Many of you have asked about a season 2.

The answer is, “Yes!” We actually filmed everything all at once, but the next batch of episodes will air in 2021. This home will be featured, but not this room, so I figured I could sneak a peek?!

3. We’ve received a lot of questions about clothes and products on the show.

We filmed a year ago and many pieces are out of stock, but here are a few of the items that are still available…and ones I use/wear on repeat. Also, our shop McGee & Co. is where you can find many of the pieces (or similar) that we used!

4. Halloween decor is up!

Can’t get enough of these awesome sticky bats and crows. I restyle these rattan baskets all year long.

5. Interview with Chatbooks!

Chatbooks is this awesome local company owned by a fellow husband-wife team that started around the same time we did! Vanessa interviewed me for their mom-force podcast this week and you can listen HERE

6. Latest Obsession.

These sunglasses are under $30 and keep selling out.

The Sunday 7: Dream Home Makeover Is Officially Live!

Date Posted
18 October 2020

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