The Sunday 7: A Night at Sundance

Enjoying the serene outdoors and prepping for fall.

07 August 2022 -

No. 1. Cinderella 

We took Wren and Ivy up to Sundance this weekend to see Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. They were glued the entire time! I love summer nights up in the mountains. The setting just speaks for itself!  

No. 2. A Bridal Shower  

My executive admin is getting married (!) and I was so honored to host a lovely little shower for her. Madison, I adore you and am so excited for you and the journey ahead!  

No. 3. McGee & Co. Fall 

It’s only August, but fall is here over at McGee & Co.! I say it with every collection, but I am just so proud of all the hard work each team puts into every step of this process – it takes a village! The whole collection is so lovely, and I especially love this faux olive – it’s truly the most realistic faux tree I have ever seen!  

No. 4. Dressing-up 

Syd and I had so much fun in NYC the other weekend. I wore this dress to The Today Show and can’t help but love the details and flattering fit. 

No. 5. Blush 

I noticed that both makeup artists I work with top off my cream blush with a dab of bright pink (almost neon powder)….I was so confused because I would never be drawn to the look alone, but it looks so pretty together! I’ve tried this in Happy plus this in Berry Connection. 

No. 6. SLC Travel Guide 

With the release of Dream Home Makeover Season 3, we wanted to share our favorite haunts in the Salt Lake area. Read through the travel guide here and be sure to stop at any of the recommended restaurants for something delicious to eat! 

No. 7. Upcoming Webisode and Photo Tour 

Tomorrow will be the first of our Dream Home Makeover webisode series where we dive into the details of each of the most recent season’s episodes. We’re kicking it off with Cindy and Robert’s home and I just know you’re going to love hearing some of the BTS details. 

XO – Shea 

Date Posted
07 August 2022