The Sunday 7: Dream Home Makeover Season 3!
03/21 Lifestyle

The Sunday 7: Dream Home Makeover Season 3!

Yes, that's right...we're starting to film season 3 of Dream Home Makeover soon!!!

1. Earlier this week, we shared big news!

Our show, Dream Home Makeover on Netflix, has been renewed for a third season and we will begin filming really soon! It’s going to be a crazy ride as we take on more projects, move into our new office, and have a baby this summer. I’m already sweating just thinking about it, ha!

2. These sunglasses were easily the #1 swipe of the week:

3. Lots of progress on the pool house this week!

Excited to do this cute little tile border in the bathroom. Shoes in a different, but equally great, color combo HEREĀ (I went up 1/2 a size).

4. I had been getting a ton of ads for Prose haircare and finally caved.

You fill out a questionnaire and they send you a personalized mask/shampoo/conditioner. I’ll be honest, I was verrry skeptical because I’ve never been able to find a sulfate free shampoo that actually lathers well, but I started getting compliments that my hair looked healthier within a week of using it, so I’m all in now. Plus, it smells incredible! Verdict is still out on if it helps my hair grow, but I’m happy with the results so far.

5. A round-up of cute Easter baskets.

And a note to myself that it will be here in less than 2 weeks!

Personalized Straw Tote
Gingham Bunny Tote
Seagrass Basket
Braided Seagrass Tote
Meri Meri Straw Bunny Basket
White Easter Basket
Gingham Bunny Liner
Willow Basket
Olli Ella Basket
Light Blue Basket

6. Even though it’s snowing outside right now, I refuse to wear a big coat in March.

The oversized denim jacket look has been my go-to these days:

Trucker Jean Jacket
Charli Jacket
Wild Fable Denim Jacket

7. xo-S

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