Layering Warm Tones Into Your Space: Our Tips

Hue balancing 101

22 March 2021 -

When we design a space, we’re always considering how we can strike the right balance and contrast among the finishes and pieces incorporated.
One of our favorite ways to create a welcoming environment is by bringing warm tonal elements to add dimension.

While we love the hues of blues, grays, and true whites, sometimes a space that leans in one tonal direction can fall a little flat. To balance our cool tones, we like to “warm up the room” to bring more depth into our spaces.

Here are four ways to bring more warmth into your design:

No. 1: Consider your under finish undertones

Whether you’re designing from scratch or simply layering decor into your space, considering your finish undertones is a great place to start when balancing hues.

If we’re working with cool finish elements like flooring with cool undertones, true white paints, or silver hardware, adding warm tonal elements like woods, creamy-whites, or gold and brass accents can add some interesting contrast.

For more on mixing wood tones, read our post “How To Mix Wood Tones in Your Home,” here.

No. 2: Add warm tones through your pieces

Another great way to introduce more warmth in your space is by layering in pieces with warm tones. When a room feels like it’s leaning a little too cool, we like to balance it with materials like woods, brown leathers, and warm upholstery fabrics to bring it to life.

No. 3: Bring in textural accents

Textural accents like wovens, knits, and worn textiles are a fool-proof way to add more warmth to your space, especially when working with a muted color palette.

No. 4: Incorporate decor with warm tones

Adding more warmth to your space can be as simple as layering in warm-toned decor with art, pillows, or objects to create a balanced look. When we’re styling a space, we try to pay attention to contrasting materials down to the smallest details.

We’re of the mind that everything from the material of a picture frame to the cover of a coffee table book can tell the tonal story in your space.

Date Posted
22 March 2021