Syd’s Biking Essentials

Our CEO likes to hit the open road.

11 July 2023 -

If you know anything about Syd from following along here or watching our Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover, you know that he isn’t one to ever decide against a dad joke, nor is he one to deviate from his morning routine. Syd rises every morning around 5:00 am to “workout as long as I can,” and while sometimes that means hitting the McGee’s home gym, other times it takes him outside on the open road. Syd is an avid cyclist, often traveling with his bike to places like Mallorca (see our travel guide here), where he and Shea went recently for their summer vacation. Along with his bike, here are the thirteen things Syd deems essential to his cycling hobby, from the helmet to the shoes.

From top left: S-Works Prevail 3 Mips Helmet from Specialized, C30 Energy Gel from Neversecond, Piston Pro X Hitch Rack from Kuat, CamelBak Podium Flow 4 Hydration Belt from CamelBak, Training Cycling Jersey from MAAP, JoeBlow Max HP Floor Pump from Topeak, Speedcraft Sunglasses from 100%, Outlander 3 JR Hydration Pack from USWE, Backcountry Water Bottle from Purist by Specialized, Training Logo-Print Recycled Cycling Jersey from MAAP, Karoo 2 GPS Bike Computer from Hammerhead, Bike Travel Bag from Evoc.

Date Posted
11 July 2023