The McGee’s Favorite Workout Gear

Everything we love for a home gym and beyond.

02 May 2022 -

After a couple of years of work, our basement is finally finished.. 

and we’ve been sharing all the details of the project here, here, and here. One of our favorite and most utilized spaces is the gym. It’s such a treat to get to work out in the comfort of our own home – even better that I have my own mini-kettlebell in Margot! We may be well into the year, but we’re doing our best to make the most of our health-focused goals for 2022, and having some of our favorite sneakers or a new pair of leggings sure makes hitting the gym that much more motivating. I’ve rounded up our favorite workout clothes, gear, and equipment here! 

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Shea’s Favorites: 

I cannot be without these leggings, these sneakers are the most comfortable, and I love to have a jacket to throw on and go after a workout. Nothing fussy or overcomplicated for me when it comes to my workout gear, but pieces that hold up, wash well, and help me still feel put together if I end up staying in them all day. When we’re not using the gym at home, I love to play tennis, so I added a few of my favorite pieces for that, as well! Don’t forget to mix and match to find your perfect fit! 

Syd’s Favorites: 

Syd reaches for these tops over and over, and I know he loves these shorts. He prefers to keep his picks comfortable and simple but high quality, with a touch of cool; this jacket is just that. And did you get the chance to check out the halfpipe?! Don’t forget to mix and match to find your perfect fit! 

Gear and Equipment: 

When I’m not wanting to lift weights or do a cardio-heavy workout, I reach for these weights and incorporate them into a Pilates flow – I love that they give a little extra boost to a gentle workout.  Syd has set-up his bike on this trainer so he can train on his own bike when the weather is less than cooperative outdoors. 

Date Posted
02 May 2022