Our Favorite Design Coffee Table Books
08/03 Styling Guides

Our Favorite Design Coffee Table Books

A few recommendations + how to style them!

One thing we've learned since the beginning of Studio McGee is that Design education comes in all shapes and sizes.

Learning the in's and outs of interior design doesn't always come with a degree or formal training, and sometimes finding inspiration and training your eye is the perfect place to start!

We have always loved coffee table books at Studio McGee, but our favorites aren't just about the pretty covers or the height they bring to a vignette.

Designer coffee table books have been sources of inspiration for our work for years, and today we're going to share a few of our favorites, why we love them, and a few tips for styling them!


This is one of those books you'll probably find on every interior designers shelf, and it's no secret that Kelly Wearstler is a visionary. We love this book for its combination of old Hollywood and modern sensibility and have found endless inspiration in these pages. Each of her latest residential and commercial designs inside tells a story of beautiful synergy, and we can't get enough!

Styling it: We love how this book brings a modern element wherever it's placed with its abstract shapes and muted neutral tones. Upward facing, it adds a touch of color, and placed on its side in a stack, it blends into nearly any room. 



Another designer staple, this book is sure to spark inspiration with a wide range of styles and projects within its pages. Some of the most celebrated high-profile designers of the century are showcased inside, and we turn to it time and time again.

Styling it: One great thing about this book is that it can blend in anywhere while still adding some sophistication to its surroundings. With a warm linen cover and heavy-duty pages, it adds some substance when placed alone or anchored below a stack of books. 


This stunning book takes design beyond the basics, inviting the readers to elevate their design aesthetic. Approachable and laid-back, "Down To Earth," focuses on creating a lifestyle that inspires creativity and functionality.

Styling it: 

We can imagine incorporating this book face up into autumnal vignettes and pulling out its warm colors with natural textures and moody florals, or styling it to bring expression to a stack of books with its bold spine-font. 


Architecture and design are close counterparts, and sometimes finding inspiration in one field means overlapping into another. In their first book, award-winning architecture firm Backen, Gillam & Kroeger represent their approach to sustainability and artistry, showcasing the relationship between nature and design. We love taking a look into the process of incorporating land-found elements and creating something beautiful.

Styling it: 

There's something about the cover of this book that could represent nearly any season when styled among complementing elements. Style it on a coffee table, an entryway console, or even on top of a bedroom dresser for added dimension. 

Our Favorite Design Coffee Table Books


There are few places more inspiring than New York City, and this book brings a new perspective of the iconic landscapes and energy. With photos from more than 40 international photographers, you're sure to be left with a new idea on incorporating texture, contrast, and form in your next project.

Styling it: 

This book always brings a sense of modernism to a room, and its contemporary cover and strong spinal font can blend in anywhere. 

ur Favorite Design Coffee Table Books


This book is one of our favorites not only for the beautiful and inspiring imagery, but for its guidance on creating a space that feels more like home through mindful restoration and care. Author and designer Kennesha Buycks brings a unique perspective on making the old new, and encourages the reader to tell a story through the home.

Styling it: Because this book is a bit smaller than your typical coffee table book, it’s a great option to change up the scale. We love using it in trays, on the top of a stack, or even in open kitchen shelving!

Our Favorite Design Coffee Table Books

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