An Inside Look At Our Home On The Bay Project

Meet our latest design project

22 February 2022 -

Nestled by the Bay in San Francisco……

our latest project is an expression of all of our favorite design elements: layers of modern and traditional style influences, warm natural materials, and of course, all of that beautiful natural light peeking in through the windows.

Collaborating with Sausalito Construction and Holscher Architecture on the architecture and build, our goal was to create a relaxed, beautiful and elevated space to reflect our client’s lifestyle.

After years of sketches, swatches, and careful revisions, we couldn’t be more excited to share all of the details with you. Before we step inside, though, we’re giving you a sneak peek of the inspiration and process behind this beautiful home.

"The vision for this project was a classic timeless style with a few modern twists, a calming palette, and a few moody elements here and there."

- Shea McGee

Where we began 

After understanding our client’s needs and vision for the project, gathering inspiration is the first step to getting started on the design process. We draw from moments in interiors, architecture, art, fashion, and nature to pull inspiration that speaks to the project. Once we have a general idea of the direction for the project, we like to compile a mood board of the key inspirations and elements to envision how everything works together.

Each finish builds off the other, which is a helpful way to start working through mixed metals, woods, and lighting. Below is our mood board for this project from samples we started pulling in the very beginning.

"Mixing textures and textiles was one of our main focuses in this project. From the vintage decor accents to the modern finish elements, it's the little details that give this new build a layered and dimensional feeling."

Kelsie Lindley, Senior Designer

The build + architecture 

Working with the right team can make all the difference in the process and result of a project. We were so lucky to work with Sausalito Construction and Holscher Architecture on the architecture and build of this home to bring our client’s vision to life. With a mix of white shiplap, textural brick, warm wood accents, and black metal windows, the exterior of this home feels timeless, fresh, and warm.

From the Gram



"The attention to detail in this home brings out the grandiose feel and charm that makes this home unique."

Don Scheiner, Sausalito Construction

The key pieces  

The pieces in this project go a long way in completing the look and feel of the space and accentuating our favorite architectural and material elements throughout the home. Our clients for this project have little kids, so it was important that we selected pieces that felt elevated but were durable enough to last for years to come. These are just a few of the first pieces we pulled for this space:

Date Posted
22 February 2022