Shea’s Go-to Fall Coffee Table Styling 

Styling your coffee table with the changing of the seasons 

14 September 2022 -

The changing of the seasons is the perfect reason to refresh your decor —  

— and fall is all about bringing warmth into your home. Today, I’m reworking one of the key pieces of our living room, the coffee table. There’s one easy way to always get it right: groupings. I like to mix sharp edges and square or rectangular objects with more organic, flowing pieces, like a vase or round bowl. Height is also important, thinking through different levels you can bring to the styling moment… some tall greenery next to a stack of one or two books. The combinations of vases, baskets, books, candles, and florals are endless. And lucky for us, so is my urge to redecorate.   

 Explore the pieces from our home’s fall-inspired coffee table below and see how they play into creating a welcoming and warming home perfect for the fall.  

01. The Coffee Table

The key element to coffee table styling is the table itself. What you choose can finish a room or act as a conversation piece in which to gather around. It’s the foundation of the living room, with everything else circling around it.

02. Vessels

Incorporate some sort of vessel, whether it be a bowl, a vase, a box, or a basket; include something that has the ability to contain other items.

03. Greenery

Greenery (or more earthy tones for fall) has a really special way of adding a sense of peace and calm to your home. I always find a space for a bundle of greens on our coffee table for that reason.

04. Objects

I love adding an engaging object to my coffee table, it adds visual interest and a collected feel. Sit them on top of a stack of books or in a tray for a bit of structure and symmetry.

05. Books

Stacking coffee table books and boxes adds visual interest, breaking up the pattern of single objects on the table. Books are one of the best ways to make your home feel lived-in and inviting.

Date Posted
14 September 2022