Moody Room Inspiration for Winter Styling

As colder months roll in; cozy vibes roll out here at Studio McGee. Here is our best inspiration.

28 September 2022 -

We love the changing of the seasons 

as it means a fresh start in multiple respects. One of our favorites is the chance to make your home feel like a whole new space. There are big changes you can make to create a cozier vibe—think a can of paint—but there are also little elements you can introduce into your home to welcome the colder months. If you’re looking for inspiration for a winter refresh, you’re in luck. Keep scrolling for a few of our favorite moody moments, perfect for winter styling.  

01 Dark on Dark

Look no further for moody inspiration than Studio McGee’s own, Syd McGee. His office space in our Studio McGee headquarters is nearly all dark-on-dark with a patterned rug, wood desk, and deep shades for all the fixtures. Tonal black curtains meld seamlessly with the painted walls. 

02 Charcoal and Camel

The moody vibes in this room don’t need much of an explanation. The dark paint on the walls and ceiling—Irony by Clare, “inspired by the color of iron”—creates an atmosphere perfect for curling up with a cozy throw blanket on a winter day. This charcoal and camel room has warmth written all over it.  

03 The Accessories

You don’t have to paint walls or ceilings to introduce some moodiness into your home. Try adding some art or accessories with darker color palettes, like this layered modern art moment or a black vase on a vintage wood console.  

04 Half and Half

If you’re looking to take on a project much larger than swapping accessories, we hope you find some inspiration in this beautiful, wainscoted room. Keeping the upper walls white while introducing a much darker color below is a stunning way to drastically change up the bones of a room while accomplishing a moodier aesthetic. 

Date Posted
28 September 2022