Shea’s Past Halloween Door Decor

Making the holidays look beautiful is one thing we can always count on with Shea. As we anticipate Shea’s door décor this year, we take a look back at doors of the past.

29 September 2022 -

Spooky doesn’t always go with beauty, but Shea knows her way around some cobwebs and spiders. 

Halloween is almost here and decorating for it can be tricky, pun intended. While we love a good excuse to redesign for the holidays, Halloween is one where there is a fine line between celebratory and, dare we say, tacky. Year-after-year Shea brings the spook and the beauty to the doors of her home. To get our creativity flowing for October 31, 2022, let’s take a look back at the past two years.   

01 Organic and Textural

All of the elements of this Halloween door décor can be found in nature—greenery, flowers, hay, and pumpkins. The layered composition brings a simple and organic feel to the entry, taking a more casual and earthy approach to a holiday that doesn’t always feel the same. 

02 A Focused Palette

There was a clear theme to this year’s door: pretty and pastel. Introducing contrasting colors—pink pumpkins with black bats—is a great way to create depth and dimension to your holiday décor. They may feel subtle, but a clear and concise theme can bring a styling moment to life. We’ve found that when it comes to Halloween décor, it’s easier to make a strong statement when you focus on one area or theme, creating impact and ambiance.   

Date Posted
29 September 2022