Shea’s Winter Skincare Essentials

Combat dry season with a few wellness favorites.

29 January –

When the nights are long, a little extra nourishing is needed. Here, Shea’s favorites for winter wellness. 

Outside it’s a winter wonderland, fields of crisp, white snow and trees that glisten. It’s also dry and dull skin desperate for some humidity and hydration. During cooler months, the best skincare not only combats winter dryness, but brings a spa-like ritual to your everyday routine in the comfort of your own home. Living in Salt Lake City where the adjacent Cottonwood Canyons rank as one of the snowiest places in the world, Shea has perfected a winter skincare routine with a bathroom cabinet full of tried-and-true favorites. Here, Shea’s winter skincare essentials.

Date Posted
29 January